Hi this is my first post and I hope that I can sort out some issues with my qualifications.
I started my apprentiship in 1985 with a small firm and was thrown straight into the house bashing scene where my abilty to chase walls and lift floorboards like a madman were greatly appreciated by the guys on price work.I never saw eye to eye with my employer as he liked to push the apprentices arround,suffice to say that before my apprentiship was completed I left to work as a cleaner for 3 months before finding another firm to take me on.This however did not lead me to complete my part 2 or have my apprentiship signed off by the JIB.
To cut a long story short I have my Part 1 my AM1 my AM2 but only part of my part 2 (course work and first written exam)I have subsequently done my inspection and testing and 16th edition.I have worked in the trade now for 26 years and my present employer is not proactive where training is concerned so I am looking for advice on how to fill in the gaps in my qualifications.I physically cant go to college on days or nights as I have family and work commitments coming out of my ears so am looking to distance learning as a possible answer to my prayers.Any one got experience or advice?

Regard Mccotton