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  1. stephen atherton

    stephen atherton New EF Member

    This may sound odd, but is there any reason I can't pop a Blue C Form plug on a cooker - new range cooker arrived and it needs only 20 Amps as most of it is gas except for one oven and the igniter. The radial Cooker circuit is already in and the isolator is on the wall (nicely tiled around) to one side of the cooker so it is not hidden in a cupboard, but on the wall as we always used to have them. All I need do is connect the tails of the cooker to the tails coming out of the isolator which are running behind the tiles, down the wall behind the kitchen units and are visible under the kickboards fed into a junction box on the wall... Is there any reason I could not pop a blue c form plug (20amps) on the cooker and replace the junction box with a c form socket on the wall at the appropriate height behind cupboard units - it was just a thought for a quick means of plugging the range in and out. I've never seen it done before and wondered if there was a reason why - bearing in mind c form plugs can be up to 32amp on single phase... I guess there size means they would not be great for this purpose, but putting that aside - could a blue c form plug be used to connect a cooker in a domestic environment assuming there is a radial circuit fed to the cooker isolator then use a C form plug where cooker tails meets the isolator tails at the back of kitchen units - yes I know no one wants a big c form plug poking out of the back of a cupboard in their new £20.000 kithcen, but I just wondered if there was a technical reason this could not be done.
  2. Andy78

    Andy78 Trusted Advisor

    Kingston upon Hull
    No reason why this could not be done as long as the plug top, socket, and flex were all rated for the job, and the socket was accesible.

    Totally impractical, space wasting, and defies reason though. Why you would want a bulky 32A plug/socket connection when a slim fitting connection solution of up to 50A is already available is beyond me. Why do you think the range cooker would need to be easily unplugged ?
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  3. LeeH

    LeeH Insert witty monkey comment here. Electrician's Arms

    Only takes like 5 mins to dissconnect. Unless it's coming out a frequently by unskilled persons then what's the point?
  4. stephen atherton

    stephen atherton New EF Member

    I was only wondering if could be done - not going to, just wondered
  5. LeeH

    LeeH Insert witty monkey comment here. Electrician's Arms

    You need a hobby.
  6. davesparks

    davesparks Trusted Advisor

    There's no technical reason I can think of not to do it. You'd have to use a 32A plug as there isn't a 20A

    They get a lot bigger than 32A single phase, they go up to 125A
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