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  1. gccs

    gccs Active EF Member

    Business Name:
    Control Smart
    Anyone else attending this tomorrow?

    Or, anyone use/not use Bosch Pro tools and have any feedback, questions or suggestions I can pass on/ask?
  2. Dobes_88

    Dobes_88 Jamie

    An 18v DAB site radio wouldn't go a miss!!
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  3. Rpa07

    Rpa07 1000 posts only 44653 behind Telectrix! Electrician's Arms

    Business Name:
    Ebenezer electrical
    I am proud to own the tools, I love them. I have 10.8s, 18s and I have my eye on the 36v SDS. I would have said a hammer action on the 10.8 drill driver BUT THEYVE DONE IT! Where is this going on?
  4. buzzlightyear

    buzzlightyear Regular EF Member

    star command
    ask them are they has good has the japans power tools !
  5. paul291277

    paul291277 Active EF Member

    Bosch Powerchange Arbors are great with respect to the ease of swapping holesaws and removing whatever you've cut through from them; BUT the Holesaws they supply to fit them seem to have a fraction of the life of other reputable brands; I'll stick with Starret!
  6. valleybilly

    valleybilly Scuber Do

    Bosch are best for some corded hand tools no problem. Makita cordless anyday but use a converter and use Dewalt batteries on em and its like Clint Eastwood makin a gun lol.
    Dewalt also for Miter saws and Festool corded for Plunge track saws & Routers as the vac attachments are universal + stack boxed storage system well b4 anyone else botherd so a dream for van storage .
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  7. spinlondon

    spinlondon Trusted Advisor

    Harlow Essex
    Can you find out if the wireless charging batteries can be used on older tools?
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  8. Midwest

    Midwest Electrician's Arms

    Can you ask them why they don't do spares for my GL 2-50 laser level, i.e the glass lens that's rendered it unusable for the last two years, after they returned it saying it was not repairable and should not be used.

    Hence I don't own anymore Bosch power tools. :mad:
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