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Discuss BS7671:2018 in the Electrical Wiring, Theories and Regulations area at ElectriciansForums.co.uk.

  1. Midwest

    Midwest Electrician's Arms

    I've only just recently added my yellow OSG to my collection of throne room reading, at an expensive £26, only to find errata falling on the floor.

    I've been reading here & elsewhere, that the next edition of BS7671 will likely be published on 1st July 2018 and that training establishments already developing their courses, including exam for £450 approx.

    It seems significant changes will be;
    Protection against over voltages, protection against fire, changes to section 753 and a new section on energy efficiency; BS 7671: the 18th Edition report - IET Electrical - http://electrical.theiet.org/wiring-matters/61/18th-edition-report/index.cfm

    Now I'm just a lowly house basher, but to me there seems to be little else I can cram into my A3 CU's without adding over voltage devices, arc fault detection devices and telling my customers they can only have a new light fitting in the kitchen, if the rest of the house is converted to LED.

    Truth is tad bored today, no work (gotta mop the kitchen floor, before her indoors comes home), but I'm just wondering if I can be arsed with this after the 18th edition, not to mention the extra £450 + £70 + £26?

    Tell me it's not gonna be that bad. :(
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  3. Wilko

    Wilko Gorillas are Great Electrician's Arms

    Business Name:
    Wilko Electrics
    I did amd3 2382 for £160 from an online mob and I'll go that way again if it's necessary. In the mean time, I will keep taking my meds and think happy thoughts :)

    westward10 and telectrix like this.
  4. telectrix

    telectrix Appreciated Member Trusted Advisor

    Business Name:
    why is it that it's the same leccy as we've had for donkeys' years. it hurts just the same when you poke your pinkies in the wrong orifices, but the rules on how we throw it in change every couple of years....... oh, yeah, no change means no new suits and computers at IET HQ.
    LankyWill, Midwest and Wilko like this.
  5. anthonybragg

    anthonybragg Regular EF Member

    Business Name:
    There seems to be a lot of things added to BS7671 that us day to day sparks having nothing to do with and should have been a seperate British Standard if not there will be parts soom that have nothing to do with electrical installation
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  7. Murdoch

    Murdoch Electrician's Arms

    BS 7671 is updated regularly to keep the scams, and pen pushers in work...... the last couple of updates were hardly necessary to buy the OSG, the big book and the other associated requirements......

    I think that AMD2 and AMD3 should be free to those who can provide proof of purchase of AMD1!
    Midwest and stevethesparks like this.
  8. Vortigern

    Vortigern Electrician's Arms

    Business Name:
    F.H. Electrical
    I pay for an annual online digital subscription and get BS7671 and all updates. All eight guidance notes. On site guide. Design guide etc. £180 p.a.
  9. Murdoch

    Murdoch Electrician's Arms

    I prefer turning pages - must be my age!
  10. bj the dj

    bj the dj EF Member

    I am with you on that Murdoch give me real book anyday
    Murdoch likes this.
  11. hightower

    hightower Trainee Electrician's Arms

    Plus, £180 a year. It'd almost be cheaper to buy the books.
  12. spinlondon

    spinlondon Trusted Advisor

    Harlow Essex
    Try contacting local colleges, to see if they will allow you to just sit the exam.
    Only cost me £30 for the 17th.
    Andy78 likes this.
  13. Rob

    Rob Trusted Advisor

    North west
    Make more sense if they sold them in a ring binder format.

    Just print out amendments and change the relevant sheets as necessary.

    I understand there is a cost in writing and composing the regulations, hence the extortionate cost. Surely this way would cut publishing costs to next to nothing.
  14. spinlondon

    spinlondon Trusted Advisor

    Harlow Essex
    Not sure that the last two amendments required a new book.
    Still haven't bothered getting the yellow copy.
    Last time I tried the electronic version, needed internet connection to view. Believe it has changed, but even so £180 is extortionate, considering I never read the OSG and GNs.
  15. kingeri

    kingeri Trusted Advisor

    Looks like a load of tripe going into the 18th anyway. Not a lot will change in the real world, but we'll have to fork out again for exams and books. Yippee!
    Midwest likes this.
  16. Andy78

    Andy78 Trusted Advisor

    Kingston upon Hull
    I'm a bit behind with these new proposals, does anyone have any detailed info about arc fault detectors and their application in the new version ?
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