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  1. Graham Hyde

    Graham Hyde EF Member


    i saw a local electrician today with a nice shiny city and guilds qualified logo on his van.
    Never seen this before apart from on a painter and decorators van a year or so back.

    i had to go on the C&G website to get a replacement copy of my 2365 certificate. Whilst there i came across a page that explains how to get a nice pretty sticker.

    It appears if you have a level 2 c&G qualification then you too can stick a lovely sticker on your van, surely this is misleading and confusing to customers. People often associate C&G courses as a sign of quality and competence ? To put on a van or letter head 'C&G qualified' is a bit cheeky.. what does it even mean?


    i am not in anyway fully qualified myself and have much to still learn as the company i was doing my apprenticeship with went under before i could do my AM2... i am now working my way through loads of paperwork to get the last few odds and ends of my NVQ portfolio tidied up and get started in the trade. Given this service from C & G i have it appears wasted several years of study and an apprenticeship.

    it seems all i need to do to convince joe public is upload my level 2 certificate and await my new logo and like magic i am qualified...

    Anybody else think this C&G qualified thing is a complete joke?
  2. KennyKen

    KennyKen Electrician's Arms

    The whole system there is a joke. Boil in the bag courses. Part P. Domestic installer what a load of shite. Every qualified spark should have a licence and licence number that goes into a data base where anyone can check to see if he's been blacklisted ect etc. if your not qualified then you should not be issued with any card this is including improver etc as this can be misleading. I know you have the Gold JIB card but who asks for that nowadays? I know numerous sparks who haven't got one... I'm not discrediting their performance as an electrician but come on...
  3. Pete999

    Pete999 Trusted Advisor

    Boil in the bag courses now Kenny? love it,
  4. KennyKen

    KennyKen Electrician's Arms

    Haha just couldn't help it.
  5. Pete999

    Pete999 Trusted Advisor

    Know how you feel
  6. KennyKen

    KennyKen Electrician's Arms

    A lot better thanks Pete. How are you?
  7. Pete999

    Pete999 Trusted Advisor

    Fine Mate apart from a few health problems, retired now for about 6 years like keep up with the lektrik world.
  8. Vortigern

    Vortigern Electrician's Arms

    In fact if you get such a sticker the level you have acheived is on the sticker so that consumers are "aware" of what level of expertise you have.
  9. jackylad

    jackylad EF Member

    I clicked on the c&g link, but it doesn't say how much they charge for the sticker, i can't see it been free or just the cost of the sticker, i wonder if they charge a yearly licence fee to use the logo, they'll be wanting to make as much as they can like the scam providers.
  10. David M

    David M Beauty I've always missed with these eyes Electrician's Arms

    Isn't that what we pay the scams for?
    The whole system is crap, I think you are right in that all skilled/qualified tradesmen should be licensed. Something not dissimilar to having a driving license which clearly states at what level you are qualified/competent. Maybe a similar points system, or down those lines, where if reported for non compliant or dangerous work you would accumulate points or a ban if its something serious??
  11. KennyKen

    KennyKen Electrician's Arms

    Yeah very much so... the public/employer have every right to know who there hiring. I know over here they use a vetting system before your hired called ERMS. So if you have done anything dangerous onsite. If you ever been blacklisted from a project. If you've sexually harassed or physically harassed someone. These all show up on your file and then you don't get hired. It seems to work a treat everyone is paranoid to step out of line.
    Leesparkykent likes this.
  12. Pete999

    Pete999 Trusted Advisor

    The sooner we get One Regulator the better, Sparkies are assessed every year Heating and Gas trades are every 5 years, something wrong somewhere, I could go on and on about this fiasco, but you would get bored.
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  13. kenny7askew

    kenny7askew Regular EF Member

    you can buy the C&G van stickers on ebay so anyone can have one
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  14. Wilko

    Wilko Gorillas are Great Electrician's Arms

  15. gazdkw82

    gazdkw82 Trainee Trainee Access

    i'm confused why anyone would want such a sticker on a works van. Its not showing any kind of quality assurance, just stating you (at some point) passed a City and guilds course.

    or spent £3 on ebay.
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  16. westward10

    westward10 Electrician's Arms

    Top Poster Of Month

    See them all the time saw a sparkies van with one the other day it was strangely more prominent than the NICEIC one.
  17. Last plumber

    Last plumber Electrician's Arms

    I didn't know that !
    Every twelve months ?
    Do you mean you have a visit from NIC like we have Gas safe ?
  18. Last plumber

    Last plumber Electrician's Arms

    Years ago, to be City and Guilds qualified did actually mean you had done real and proper exams. In other words, they counted for something, took years to achieve and lasted a lifetime, tradesmen were proud to be City and Guilds qualified.
    Today's exam standards, in all trades are tin pot rubbish in my opinion.
    I have seen all manner of ridiculous situations recently and I blame it all on the way people are trained and assessed.
    westward10 likes this.
  19. Midwest

    Midwest Electrician's Arms

    Annual assessment and £500 later (unless your with Stroma), what's the crack with Gas Safe out of interest?
  20. Lumie

    Lumie EF Member

    Seems to me, most people don't care what qualifications you have as long at the light turns on at the end. Could probably make up your own qualifications and the client wouldn't be any wiser.
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