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  1. LCV



    I recently noticed that when I turn on the Aurora dimmable LED strip the area underneath the dimmer that controls it becomes warm to touch. It becomes warm after about 15mins and gradually gets warmer over time but not hot. I feel concerned so I don’t have the LED strip light on for over an hour.
    It is a 4 gang dimmer switch plate. The other dimmers control other lights (dimmable wall lights and dimmable spotlights) but they don’t become warm underneath.

    Just wondering if this is normal or whether there is a fault with the driver or the way the driver has been installed? Or is it something else.

    LED strip - Aurora 24V DC dimmable LED strip 9.6w 8 metres (product code: AU-ST224WW)
    Switch plate - Schneider Electric Ultimate slimline 4 gang 2 way LED dimmer switch (product code: GU6042L).
    Driver - Sunpower PCV2480TD Constant voltage Triac dimmable driver

    Thank you for your views!

    GLENNSPARK Electrician's Arms

    west yorks.
    crap connections maybe

    needs checking
  3. Charlie_

    Charlie_ Regular EF Member

    Dimmer is overloaded
  4. darkwood

    darkwood For it is a human number, its number is 666 Staff Member Electrician's Arms

    West Yorkshire
    Sorry to go against the flow here but dimmers generate heat by the nature of how they work, depending on how the heat is distributed to keep the dimmer core cool, it may be normal, this said dimmer is not doing the same job as the others in the way it works and the type of load so may not be an issue.
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  5. LCV


    Thanks for your replies.

    Darkwood, thanks that eases my concerns.
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