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  1. Gaz Bryan

    Gaz Bryan Active EF Member

    Had a look in a customers cu to check that the cable for the new leccy shower was up to the job. I noticed that there were 2 32A breakers fitted and assumed that they were two ring circuits. Then I spotted the third wire in one of them. The cu was replaced 3 years ago by a registered electrician who issued the appropriate certificates.( which I haven't seen yet)

    Am I missing something? Is it ok to have a spur direct from the breaker? ( I've left the BRB and OSG in me toolbag in a customers garage. It was friday and the pub was open what can I say).

    I must admit I haven't tested the circuits so I am guessing that it is a ring with a spur. I have seen this before and last time it was three 2.5mm radials stuffed into one 32A rewireable by a diy 'expert'.
    To cut to the chase... can you spur straight from the breaker?
  2. Sintra

    Sintra The Innkeeper Staff Member

    Yes you can.

    An unfused spur can feed either one single or one double socket outlet only and can be taken from the fuse or mcb in the consumer unit. p362 appx 15, 433.1.5
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2010
  3. Guest123

    Guest123 Guest

    Yep. Existing socket, JB, or breaker.
  4. Gaz Bryan

    Gaz Bryan Active EF Member

    Cheers for the rapid reply. I had a vague recollection that you could spur from the breaker but as i mentioned all me books are locked in someone elses garage. Going back in a few days to satisfy my curiosity and to check that it is a spur.
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