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Discuss Electricians Van Insurance - Past renewal price? in the Insurance for Electricians area at ElectriciansForums.co.uk.

  1. KoFi

    KoFi Electrician's Arms

    my son (23) is on My van insurance but to expensive to add daughter 21yrs driving since 17yrs
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  3. Akina

    Akina EF Member

    I'd recommend trying aviva. They've been the cheapest for me on my car and van that I drive. I'm 19 and the price is reasonable.
  4. SparkyJoe

    SparkyJoe Electrician's Arms

    A, A
    Went with Adrian flux, have been the cheapest for me, last few years.
  5. Dan

    Dan I'm not a sparky but I know a couple ;-) Staff Member

    This type of thread becomes handy on the other forums so I thought I'd post it here too. Not sure if we've done it before, but it's okay I guess as a bit of an update wouldn't go a miss due to insurance firms changing their pricing so often.

    What was your last renewal quote and what quote did you go for if you shopped around?
    What was the cover for? (tools covered?, off-road parking? etc)
    What van was it covering?

    Any other details that might have changed your price for the better?

    Feel free to link to websites and contact details of the firms you went for, especially if they're not easily found small firms.
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  7. JakeAlexSimpson

    JakeAlexSimpson EF Member

    Currently getting quoted £1,800 on any van on money supermarket.com, when I ring up it is no where near that figure.

    Aged 18 right now, but searching as if 19 (when I'll be getting a van) and with 2 years no claim.
    I know that everyone will say young driver and more likely to have an accident so its our own faults.
    Honestly don't believe its fair for the responsible people my age, who just want a van to earn extra money.

    Any tips at all guys?
  8. Hellmooth

    Hellmooth Electrician's Arms

    Business Name:
    CM Electrical
  9. Hellmooth

    Hellmooth Electrician's Arms

    Business Name:
    CM Electrical
    Kidding, it's the nature of the beast! Can't you get on parents or boss's insurance? There's loads of threads on here that will point you in the right direction!
  10. Paul.M

    Paul.M Trusted Advisor

    Lost in Space
    Jake, car/van insurers are glorified book makers. Only difference is that you pay your money and bet against yourself for not having an accident!

    A very good percentage of fault claims against insurance companies are from young drivers (<25) or inexperienced drivers (<4 years). No way out of it mate unless you sign up with one of the few companies that have sat nav installed in your car/van to monitor your driving actions to adjust your premiums.

    I've paid £1840 for this year after a fault accident and losing my NCB, plus living in a high crime rate area for car crime. I used to work for one the THEEEE biggest companies in the UK on the claims side of things (yes, I was the nasty man at the end of the phone saying why we are not paying out for your claim!! it was a job,,, a long time ago). No way of getting around it unless you are dishonest about your application (not advisable, guess what I did for a living/wage... most do not win when they need to claim).

    Shop around, get the best quote, be truthful, pay monthly and start driving your own van. Build up your NCB and pay less the following year.
    Over a barrel???? Yes and there is no easy way around it.
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  11. DuaneMHunt1976

    DuaneMHunt1976 Electrician's Arms

    Newark On Trent
    Being 18 is fined when it comes to.insurance
    I know for.normal driving insurance.if I put someone on it, mother who can't drive my car due to it being so low down
    But it did drop.my insurance

    Job title is another thingz so I hear, If you put rock star or man City player it goes right up
  12. Brightspark2

    Brightspark2 Electrician's Arms

    North West
    Try putting someone older on the quote as a named driver, preferably a women .

    Where have you said you are parking it?

    Please note this is named driver not main driver.
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  13. mykey

    mykey The Gorilla has a secret crush on me Electrician's Arms

    Make up a fake quote on moneysupermarket (just for a trial) put in van details but omit registration plate put address as another number in your street and any name with your dob and any no claims you have. Once you have the profile setup try adding NAMED DRIVERS WHO LIVE WITH YOU one at a time and recalcuate the quote noting the best result its trial and error.
    once you get the quote retry another quote with the same criteria BUT with all your correct details dont forget the van needs business insurance and dont lie about milage or where its kept etc or other details to get a lower quote as it will void the polecy.

    Did this for my son and got good quotes the only reason for the "fake details" is they store all quotes. Sons quote was better with me on this year and his mum last year increased by £30 with us both on ???
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2015
  14. Dan

    Dan I'm not a sparky but I know a couple ;-) Staff Member

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