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Discuss Electricians Van Insurance - Past renewal price? in the Insurance for Electricians area at ElectriciansForums.co.uk.

  1. tigerpaul

    tigerpaul Electrician's Arms

    My motorbike insurance with Bennett's went from 200 up to 270, I phoned them, said it was a bit high, they said oh yes we can get it down a bit for you, how about 205?
    What they didn't know was ten minutes earlier I'd been on go compare and found insurance for 75 quid, with guess who.....Bennett's!
    Total con it is... They just want to fleece anyone they can.
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  3. huntos33

    huntos33 Regular EF Member

    Depends on milage, i do 40k plus a year ( shopfitting ) and i pay £800 berlingo 07 plate full no claims and thats the cheepest i can find anywhere, more milage you do more chance of crasing i guess @@
  4. ahmed01

    ahmed01 EF Member

    cheers for the tip
  5. telectrix

    telectrix Appreciated Member Trusted Advisor

    Business Name:
    or try dial direct. best way is to use compare the market. get the best deal and receive a meerkat . we got alexander and sergei. can't wait till the house insurance is due. :smoking:
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  7. drew35

    drew35 Regular EF Member

    South Wales
  8. drew35

    drew35 Regular EF Member

    South Wales
    Paid a mallu cachau!
  9. billmicheals

    billmicheals EF Member

    its all down to your post code ....
  10. Tidy Max

    Tidy Max Regular EF Member

    Can anyone recommend a broker?

    Picking up my berlingo tomorrow and after 4 hours of ringing around my most competitive quote is a total of £2070 including breakdown, legal and windscreen.

    I have to pay monthly which granted does add £200 quid, even so there must be a cheaper option somewhere.

    Will i get discount for going with a broker that does PL insurance too?

    Ive been ringing around different brokers because quite frankly internet sites just take the ****.

    Although im pretty sure brokers just enter my details onto the compare sites so they know what they can get away with offering me anyway.
  11. Fin170

    Fin170 Electrician's Arms

    I've been driving 4 years and they still want £1500 off me for an old transit

    Play with every option is all I can advise, play around with what you call your job, put your folks on your policy and check things like where you park (admiral wanted to charge me £150 more for parking in a garage)

    Better off with an estate, but then they'll try and invalidate your insurance if they can

    Add that in with the high cost of getting gear, getting registered and lack of work and I'm starting to wish I trained for something else :(
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  12. RyanCheetham

    RyanCheetham Electrician's Arms

    I drive a high top medium wheelbase vauxhall movano 2.2. I am 25 with 6 points a claim and no no claims bonus. I pay £750 a year fully comp also paid monthly, about £77 a month. This is with Aviva who i went to direct. I wouldnt use a broker as their fees can seriously bump up the quote
  13. amlu

    amlu Trusted Advisor

    wild east london
    may try evan insurance, was the cheapest for me so far...
  14. grantr37

    grantr37 Trusted Advisor

    they make a price based on your job, unfortunately they supposedly assess your risk based on how likely your vehicle will be broken into as well as the fact that you're using it for business/employment so could in theory get sued for farting.......and I suspect that they may also "assume" your ability to pay based on what they think your income is in terms of wages or business takings/turnover... paying monthly adds on a bit, and also never ask for third party pricing to compare costs (which is getting stopped or so I am told by different people) over the phone or internet as apparently they see somebody asking for the cheapest insurance as a high risk as they think you are tight for money and so a higher claim risk... being unemployed also makes things a lot worse costs wise for insurance as: they assume that if you aint working you must be a waster, and therefore highly prone to Drug abuse or Alcohol dependence/frequent consumption.....they also sometimes consider the unemployed (unfortunate result of daily life for many these days) as dimwits etc...i.e a high risk of stupid is as stupid does.. they tend to assume that all unemployed people are a dishonesty claim waiting to happen,which is not true but they always price for the worst people... if you lose your job and don't tell them then shell out more money...they can void your insurance effective immediately via their computer system and you can get pulled in and done by the Plod for no insurance.....they can definitely do this but I have not heard of anybody have this happen yet....I wouldn't risk it though, have known somebody who was using a car for work, he crashed it into a "road liable to flooding" fold up sign after skidding on ice, went upside down in a massive deep ditch big enough to swallow a Transit and ended up sneaking back to search for his scattered tools as the insurance asked if he was using it for work....boot full of tools when it went to the assessors would have been a fine mess... don't put your parents name onto the insurance at all, you can get added onto theirs for leisure etc....but don't put them onto yours, as the insurance companies don't like this, they assume it is "Fronting" and want to void any claim, or void your policy...which you will get told in writing by snailmail 2 weeks after the fact...shortly after you get banned and fined for driving without valid insurance...
  15. axel132132

    axel132132 Electrician's Arms

    I pay £780 / Year on AVIVA - thats with 3 years NCD and 4 years worth of driving

    If you go onto Top CashBack Official Site - The UK's #1 CashBack Site sign up on there, then go through aviva THROUGH the topcashback then you also get about £50 cashback or something so even bigger saving ;)

    AVIVA is by far cheapest i found, also make sure u put that you use it for business i got told of by police cos i put mine as social / domestic and pleasure only.. They slapped my wrist so i went home put business on and there was no cost difference

    Another tip... Try insuring it on the road, its cheaper for some reason! I noticed when i did mine was cheaper on the road than in the drive, and cheaper again on the road than in a garage...
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  16. stef

    stef Electrician's Arms

    Have you tried the AA for a quote? I am NOT young but got my Astra for both business and private for 360 p.a., however I am industrial only, I would expect that
    on a domestic scale it could be more. But, yeah, I have been doing well in the past with the AA.
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