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Discuss Electricians Van Insurance - Past renewal price? in the Insurance for Electricians area at ElectriciansForums.co.uk.

  1. Tidy Max

    Tidy Max Regular EF Member

    Re: Roped in to looking at a freeview/aerial fault, help!

    Well Gentlemen, the proverbial fisr has been deeply embedded.

    £2000, with breakdown, home start, legal cover and windscreen was the best i could get. My phonebill will be nearly matching that figure after the amount of brokers and companies i rang up.

    The company i went with started at 2.5k cheapest, however after 8 phone calls of playing people off against each other thats the best i could do.

    Needless to say the majority of money saved for my business venture has nearly gone :(

    Cheers for taking the time to reply, i tried all of them by the way but non cheaper.

    Its like they dont want people trying to set up on their own!

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  3. grantr37

    grantr37 Trusted Advisor

    I think that the insurance is dearer in the driveway or a garage as there have been a lot of cars stolen when they get access to the keys and know which car they will open.....if they see a nice car on the drive and can then get a hold of the keys by breaking in or bopping you on the head, then it makes your car more of a target...
  4. Fin170

    Fin170 Electrician's Arms


    When I asked Admiral that it was "Ow...um.....if the house burned down w-we would have to pay for the car". Was tempted to mention the general fire proofing in that area but decided to have a conversation with the wall instead, it does not take my money as much
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  5. J&M Electrical

    J&M Electrical Regular EF Member

    Just a quick 1 guys..

    We have 2 vans and wanting to put them on 1 policy to reduce our costs, What companies do you guys with more than 1 vehicle use for this? Do companies like Aviva/Admiral/Direct line etc do multi vehicle policies for vans?
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  7. sparkdog

    sparkdog sparkdog Electrician's Arms

    Sunny Sussex
    Business Name:
    C MacRae Electrical
    I have 2 vans but have separate policies.I looked at Admiral and I think it was more expensive than having the two policies.
  8. grantr37

    grantr37 Trusted Advisor

    there are specialist van insurers out there, but every insurance company and their dog will rip you off online as there can be no negotiations with software sitting on a server.....and the call centre workers don't care as they see pound signs, their bonus goes on getting as much as possible for their 1%-2% monthly top up....and if they are selling £100,000 worth a month, well you can see what they want...£1,000 to £2,000 extra every 4 weeks performace related...

    best bet is to go into a local insurance brokers physical shop/office....there will be one or two nearby and they deal with all the big insurance underwriters and get deals as they are putting business their way every day, they will either be part of a lawyers office or an estate agents shop normally....have a look in town...
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  9. swapnil

    swapnil New EF Member

    This is actually a very good idea to visit the physical shop/office of a local agent to deal with the big insurance underwriters, it is the better way to cover the problem of dealing with the customers.
  10. robertadico

    robertadico EF Member

  11. grantr37

    grantr37 Trusted Advisor

    Third party insurance is trouble waiting to happen from what I've been told.....and it's getting phased out as well from what was said....
  12. SirKit Breaker

    SirKit Breaker Trusted Advisor

    Young driver and Insurance in the same sentence is always going to hurt, even more so when it is a van due to the preconceptions (often correct) of van drivers, not my van so i will drive it like ive nicked it, and give way to no one.
  13. brucelee

    brucelee Trusted Advisor

    Yes young drivers will get hit hardest
    some due to young drivers probably making more claims more risk
    some is because of all the people scamming whip lash claims and crash for cash claims and the companies that claim for them taking a cut

    If you lose your job it wil cost more if you become disabled it costs more
    wether you hae no claims or 17 yrs no claims protected they still sting you when they can for any reason at all jsut keep shopping about but if your getting the van tomorrow then not much time to search

    £2k is having a laugh
  14. grantr37

    grantr37 Trusted Advisor

    you shouldn't have told them that you already bought the van as they knew from then that they had you between a rock and a hard place...you are better to ask for a price before you have the keys for a vehicle so that they know you have the option to do without/wait/shop around....then you can haggle a bit.....that's why a lot of online comparison pages won't give you a quote unless you feed them number plates and ownership details...

    ask your bank what small business insurance they do that can have a van added onto it...
  15. cotty

    cotty Guest

    Try CLEGG GIFFORD very good for multi vehicle insurance.

    I used them in the past to insure Vauxhall Omega 2.5V6,Citroen Xsara Picasso 2.0HDI they did both those for £1100 and then said they'd put the Old Alfa 145 Cloverleaf on for an extra £300.

    I also had a named driver and policy was fully comp protected.

    I only drive one vehicle at the minute and single so can't use them but I'll deffinately go back in future.

    Seems the more vehicles you insure with them the better,they won't be beaten on price.

    Admiral quoted me £1400 just for the Omega and a further £900 for the Picasso,so they were more than double the price.

    Hope this helps
  16. nelsonbaz

    nelsonbaz New EF Member

    i have ours insured with nfu. not all of them will insure vans
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