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  1. Gazap

    Gazap Guest

    Have a query regarding bonding for periodic.

    1, Main protective bond for gas supply goes to the supply box outside the house, is this ok as would be difficult to connect it in the house close to the supply as it goes under the floor. If it is a problem what code ?

    2, supplementary bonding below boiler 10mm (4 pipes all connected 10mm looks very neat with labels) but then goes into the a fused switch that feeds the boiler, so have a tight fit 1.5mm cpc along with 10mm going into the earthing connection. Is this ok, reading of the bonding to CU is still good 0.05 ohm, is this ok ?
  2. TPES

    TPES Regular EF Member

    bonding as close to the stop tap is the preferred method, so in the meter box outside is very common
  3. AWD

    AWD Guest

    the boiler does not have 2 be bonded so i would not worry about it as long as the water and gas are!,
  4. IQ Electrical

    IQ Electrical Trusted Advisor

    1 You have within 600mm to make the connection but ideally, this should be done as close as practicable to the point of entry to the property (ie. the equipotential zone that you are creating).

    2 Supplementary bonding at boiler positions is not a requirement of BS 7671:2008, you need to brush up on earthing and bonding regulations if you are carrying out periodic inspections.
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  5. Gazap

    Gazap Guest

    yes realise its ok not to have it, but thought a strange way of connecting, and does it affect the switch regarding code
  6. AWD

    AWD Guest

    i dont understand why you would come a fcu with a 10mm!, you want 2 make sure that the 10mm from the boiler is not the fcu means of earth i have come across that before
  7. AWD

    AWD Guest

    come of """ a fcu
  8. Gazap

    Gazap Guest

    the fcu had its own 1.5mm cpc , but the 10mm was added from the bonding from the boiler
  9. Gazap

    Gazap Guest

    thanks for your help guys
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