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  1. AndyC.

    AndyC. New EF Member

    Hi all,
    It is my first post. I'm sorry if I do something stupid

    I need some help with running new circuit to the shed on the back garden.
    Basically I have been asked to fit a double socket and light in the shed.
    The only one way to run power from main building to shed is to take a power from the kitchen ring.
    I was thinking to fit IP44 outside socket drill through the wall and connect it to the kitchen ring. From outside socket I would run SWA 4 sq. mm armoured cable (approx. 6 meters.)
    My question is, as there is an old CU and landlord does not want to replace it with current standard, what would be the best way to confirm with reg. I thought to fit RCBBO in the CU for the kitchen ring.
    Does it sound right?

    Another question I have, is there any alternative way to run the cable from building to the shed? for example T&E in trunking clipped on fence?

    If you need more info, please just let me know.
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  3. sparksburnout

    sparksburnout Electrician's Arms

    Does the person who has "asked you to fit" this know that you are only a "budding Electrician", at the moment?
    I wouldn't be too happy if a "budding gas fitter" came to fit me a new boiler!
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  4. AndyC.

    AndyC. New EF Member

    I am not a budding electrician mate. Sorry I have sing up to this forum a couple years ago and I wasn't sure how it works when I was registering. Then I did not use it at all. Now I found the mistake in my profile and corrected it. I am general builder, as well as I am electrician.
    I just need an advise from more experienced colleagues. Can you help me or not.
    By the way I've seen a lot "Professional" electricians and plumbers who shouldn't work in them profession. I always think it is better to ask twice than make a stupid mistake.
  5. sparksburnout

    sparksburnout Electrician's Arms

    Words fail me.
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  6. rolyberkin

    rolyberkin Electrician's Arms

    That will be a first!:)
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  7. westward10

    westward10 Electrician's Arms

    Top Poster Of Month

    If you decide to fit an external socket it needs rcd protection. You cannot just spur multipe outlets from the existing ring final. A T&E cable clipped to the fence is prone to mechanical and solar damage.
    Your post indicates limited knowledge of the requirements needed, resort to a qualified electrician and leave alone.
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  8. AndyC.

    AndyC. New EF Member

    I was more thinking of mechanical damage. T&E in trunking. I know the regs says buried in the ground etc. I think of quicker way as there is concrete patio.
    RCBO isn't enough? for the ring/
  9. Hellmooth

    Hellmooth Electrician's Arms

    Business Name:
    CM Electrical
    You have nowhere near the experience and more than likely qualifications to be carrying out this work, get a spark in, you won't get help here with the limited knowledge you have shown so far.
  10. Murdoch

    Murdoch Electrician's Arms

    Oh dear.....
  11. Taylortwocities

    Taylortwocities Electrician's Arms

    How were planning to fit 4mm armoured cable into a 13A plug?
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  12. darkwood

    darkwood Dreams in which I'm dying are the best I ever had. Staff Member

    West Yorkshire
    Hi, AndyC.

    Ill be upfront and honest here and express as you're a Qualified 17th edition Electrician it worries me how basic your level of questioning is, it would seem you're lacking experience under the guidance of a seasoned electrician and i would highly recommend you maybe work with a Electrical contracting company or similar competent persons for a few years to pick up the basics, I would suggest at the moment you're not ready to be going out and charging customers as you lack enough experience.
    Taking and passing courses and exams is only part of the journey and you'll find yourself well out of your depth very quickly without any onsite experience and guidance.

    In answer to your query -

    -Are we to assume this is just a standard wooden shed with no other incoming services or a metal structure?

    -You addition to any circuit with have to meet current regulations throughout its length to the point you tap into the ring.
    -As has been mentioned, T&E will be an unsuitable method for a few reasons, its UV tolerance and it low mechanical protection
    - If you do join into a ring, then remember subject to choice of cable, it may require RCD protection for the cable itself, this will also depend on routing and depth.
    - SWA would be the prefered method, plastic trunking on a garden wall/fence will be extremely unsightly and will most likely warp in the summer heat.
    -Before any work is done you will need to ensure the earthing and bonding are adequate where needed and if necessary qoute for any upgrade or additional related work, failure to do so may mean you cannot do your work in compliance to regulations and sign it off.

    I'm giving you an insight to what you should be looking for and possible options here but I refer you back to my recommendations that you really need to get some experience under someones wing for a few years before you go out and start charging customers for work the consequences of not doing so can range from poor workmanship, breaches of regulations or even risk to the safety of your customers and/or their property, I hope you take this all as constructive advice and not a dig at your intellect, it is just your lack of experience showing here, the reg's give alot of guidance but they do not tell you which are the best solutions to certain jobs nor do they explain the properties or lack of them of the materials you use, all this is picked up from the more experienced and passed down.
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  13. Pete999

    Pete999 Trusted Advisor

    Words don't fail me, I just don't know what to say. what other electrical quals or experience do you have apart from the 17th (tO the OP)
  14. GMES

    GMES Chief Gorilla Staff Member Trusted Advisor

    We keep coming up against these problems, and I come to the same conclusion every time!!
    It is the short course organisers that are to blame in my opinion, not the people that take them, although having said that they too need to accept that they cannot be taught a craft in a couple of months, because it becomes immediately clear when they get unleashed into the real world they are lacking in the most important commodity and that is experience.
    Nobody should be allowed to take a quick course and then go straight into the world of self-employment.

    Take My Apprentice as a perfect example, he's a very clever young lad and is on his level 3 now, so come this June/ July he will have done 2 years at college, He has progressed really well and on any new install we do he is very competent and confident at testing the install however, he is still very wet behind the ears when it comes to periodic testing and that is simply because he lacks the necessary experience but it will come to him in time.
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  16. telectrix

    telectrix Scouser and Proud of It Trusted Advisor

    Business Name:
    is this your apprentice, Glenn?

  17. Pete999

    Pete999 Trusted Advisor

    Nah that's Glenn himself as a youngster
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  18. sparksburnout

    sparksburnout Electrician's Arms

    I agree with GMES, but you cannot pin the blame on the course organisers entirely. Just look at the OP's statement "My question is, as there is an old CU and landlord does not want to replace it with current standard". That says it all to me, in this case. B******y landlords are, in general, a bunch of penny pincher's with more thought to their own profit than their tenants safety. It should be a legal requirement that the electrical installation is brought up to current standards for a rental property,and inspected properly and regularly. The Landlord in this case is obviously quite happy to use a "builder", who he probably knows is not up to the job, to undertake the electrical work that he wants done. Judging by the general narrative of the OP I could say a bit more on what the situation probably is but I better hadn't on here.
    I don't know what comes over people when they decide to become a "Landlord", I presume it is possibly because they are trying to use the situation to make relatively small margins due to general poor investment opportunities and are trying to keep expenditure to an absolute minimum, but it is certainly not conducive to safety. I recently did a periodic for a Lady that I know fairly well and is well off. It was satisfactory but I made a recommendation for an RCD upgrade, which could have been accomplished easily and quite cheaply by the fitting of a couple of RCBO's, along with a detailed separate report and fact sheet. Do you know she didn't even ask me how much it would cost, and there is a young family in the property. The only way to make things happen is for it to be a legal requirement for any rental property to be on a council register and inspected properly, for everything. I have yet to meet a Landlord who seems to be genuinely concerned for their tenants well being. I had one the other day, moaning that he had just had to shell out £4K for a new boiler - "I won't be able to go on holiday now", was his comment, this after the single parent had been without hot water for 4 weeks and only 1 working downstairs socket, I was gobsmacked. At least the council did step in and re-house her on this occasion, but that is at our expense not the Landlords!
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  19. Murdoch

    Murdoch Electrician's Arms

    I would quote to do it properly...... Landlords are a pita imho
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  20. Midwest

    Midwest Electrician's Arms

    Concur with comments about landlords. My eldest rents, every time he's moved flats, we've left the old one immaculate. But he still got 'fined' cleaning off dust on top door architrave or mark on carpet, etc etc. First one he moved out of, only got about 25% of the deposit back. Learnt now though, use a cleaning company as recommended by letting agents. Last landlord tried it on, until we reminded the letting agent, we used the cleaning company they'd recommended. Shysters.
    Rant over.
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  21. Spoon

    Spoon Trusted Advisor

    Not all landlords are bad.
    Not all people can get an apprenticeship.
    Not all people can do a 3 year course.
    Not many people can gain experience under someone's wing. Just look at the number of people asking for experience.
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  22. sparksburnout

    sparksburnout Electrician's Arms

    Don't get me started mate. My Son also rents, it is just one continuous trail of misery. Unregulated, some of them bordering on criminal. Outrageous monthly payments for ageing old properties that fall far below the standards most people would accept. How's this for taking the mick? Few months ago during heavy rain the roof leaked, and I mean leaked, so he rings the number the dear Letting Agency had given them (he shares), no reply, repeatedly. No answerphone, nothing, just no reply. So, they ring the "emergency" number. Result? They get fined £25 nfor "improper use". If you protest and kick off, you just get threatened with being booted out, as where he has to rent there is a shortage of rentals. Unless you are involved in it you wouldn't believe it..........
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