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  1. sambuca2907

    sambuca2907 Guest

    The local housing company I do a lot of work for has asked me to put 2 sockets in a bedroom (currently without any!) in one of their houses (surface trunking). After a quick look at the site the solution seemed to be to drill through the wall behind a hallway socket, and use an RCD fused connection unit to spur from the ring and create a new spur with 2 double 13A sockets on.

    The existing board is re-wirable fuses, and the landlord is not going to want to pay the money to have this upgraded. So my solution is with the RCD fused spur.

    What's your opinion on this? In my eyes this complies with all regulations and is perfectly acceptable.
  2. rocker

    rocker Guest

    If you're using surface trunking theres no need regs wise for RCD anyway, or have I read you wrong?
  3. mnmwill

    mnmwill Guest

    Agree with Rocker, I would just put an FCU in and run the sockets off that.
  4. sambuca2907

    sambuca2907 Guest

    Yes it will be going surface trunking. However there will be no protection. My understanding is that all additional sockets need to be protected by an RCD. Yes the cables might be on the surface, but there could still be a fault with an appliance which could cause harm. It's in a kids bedroom you see so I really want to provide as much protection as possible!
  5. Guest123

    Guest123 Guest

    All sockets >20A must be have additional protection by 30mA RCD.

  6. sambuca2907

    sambuca2907 Guest

    That would be the one ;)
  7. Guest123

    Guest123 Guest

    There are exceptions, but none would be applicable in your situation.
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  8. Des 56

    Des 56 Trusted Advisor

    Gliese 581C

    Is the earthing and bonding Ok ?
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