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  1. paulthemagpie

    paulthemagpie Regular EF Member

    hi guys,

    Hope everyone is well!

    I'm just looking for some advice regarding a commercial PA system (public address)

    It's the first time I have installed one and looking at the plans I can see something marked up as "conc" does anyone have an idea of what this is?

    We only first fixing at the moment up in Scotland on site but wanted to be in the picture early on it.

    We are told to wire them in with the sounder Circuit so wanted to check if this is right?

    Thanks in advance for any advice

  2. DPG

    DPG Electrician's Arms

    S Yorkshire
    Can you post up a pic of the relevant bit of the plan?
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  3. davesparks

    davesparks Trusted Advisor

    Why not ask the person who issued the drawing?
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  4. Jonno

    Jonno New EF Member

    Could be type of connector?
    Part of the signal chain. Usually XLR, BNC, or 3 pole jack.
  5. tazz

    tazz Trusted Advisor

    This sounds like a Voice alarm & PA system combined....if so your going have to install to BS5839 Part 8.
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  6. Lagentium

    Lagentium Regular EF Member

    West Yorkshire
    Is it in a stadium or arena? It's not the markings for the concourse is it?
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