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  1. Pete999

    Pete999 Trusted Advisor

    I see some knob has been kicked off an airline for for deliberately taking the pess and speaking Arabic in a whispering conversation, what do you think? I say serves the dipstick right.
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  3. Barry White

    Barry White Guest

    Making jokes about bombs or pretending to be a terrorist in high risk places is not funny so I agree. SERVES HIM RIGHT people who are trying to keep us safe don't need this agro.

    Please dont link and give him views you been on the vino Pete? not sure this is an industrial question :policeofficer:
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  4. Andy78

    Andy78 Trusted Advisor

    Kingston upon Hull
    I think it's a bit foggy and no conclusions should be drawn by any rational person.

    Some reckon the incident was genuine and he got escorted off the plane for nothing more than speaking another language.

    Some reckon that it was staged for his youtube channel and even the people that complained about him were plants.

    I can't comment on what happened before his ejection as there is no documentary evidence of this in any report I have seen. The only evidence I have seen comes from statements from the person who was ejected and Delta airlines, both of which are likely to hold considerable bias.
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