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  1. bluesky

    bluesky Electrician's Arms

    if i am running a home based electrician business, is Public Liability Insurance really necessary?

    'Public Liability Insurance Cover should be considered if members of the public, clients or customers visit your premises. If you run a home-business, and customers sometimes visit you there, public liability cover might also be a good idea.'

    if i work at home, the possibility of clients visiting me is very slim! also i dont think anything at home can be harmful to visitors!

    also i am asking the difference between 'Public Liability Insurance' and 'professional indemnity insurance', are they the same thing?

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  2. Amp David

    Amp David Trusted Advisor

    Whats happens if one does visit, then on their way out trips over a door thresh hold and brakes an arm?
  3. acat

    acat Guest

    You dont have to have it but if you dont one claim against you could cost you everything you own is it worth that risk when you consider the cost of peace of mind.

  4. bluesky

    bluesky Electrician's Arms

    i understand that for most small business it is definately important, but for an self-employed electrician i just dont see any chance of a client's visiting
  5. acat

    acat Guest

    Do you do all your work at home:confused: what happens if you are working at a customers house and you drill through a water pipe causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

  6. patricklondon

    patricklondon Guest

    you need it to be registered as a domestic installer
  7. bluesky

    bluesky Electrician's Arms

    right, i see, so it is important....

    so which insurance provider is a good one? how much appoximately does it cost?

    also for professional indemnity insurance?
  8. JASON

    JASON Electrician's Arms

    Button Pressing
    Public liability covers you for actual damage or injury etc to others.

    Professional covers you for your "expert opinion" eg, you PIR a property which you deem as safe but someone gets a shock from something etc etc.
  9. Amp David

    Amp David Trusted Advisor

    Its needed to cover yourself whilst working in other people properties.
  10. bluesky

    bluesky Electrician's Arms


    if i only do installation, no inspection involved, can i ignore professional indemnity insurance?
  11. acat

    acat Guest

    Yes you can ignore professional providing you are not giving advise.

  12. holte end74

    holte end74 Guest

    how much would a electrician expect to pay for public liability insurence?
  13. D80

    D80 Guest

    For a sole trader in region of £50-100 a year for 2M of cover
  14. darkwood

    darkwood Dreams in which I'm dying are the best I ever had. Staff Member

    West Yorkshire
    i dont have prof' indemnity as my public liabilty should cover all my situations, but if i was to tell the customer that they can carry on using a machine and it safe to do so even though they are concerned about something then the machine as a result of my advice broke-down or injured someone then i would need it, but if someone was injured etc while i was working on it then public liability would cover me, so it comes down to always been over cautious just i case and never saying something can be run or used until you have fully weighed up the situe.
  15. JASON

    JASON Electrician's Arms

    Button Pressing
    As said, you only need PI if you are reporting on installations or similar.

    PL is a diff beast altogether.
  16. smithy

    smithy EF Member

    Was just reading this discussion and remember another post on the forums last month...


    It is so cheap for public liability it is daft not to have it. £60 a year for me which works out less than 17p a day and each one of these days I can go to work knowing that I can cause £2million of damage or injury and I'm covered (maybe not the best way to look at it but it's true)!
  17. cornburn

    cornburn Regular EF Member

    Mine's about £105 a year and I get to cause £5 million of damage and injury. Nya nya!!
  18. smithy

    smithy EF Member

    hehe!! I noticed when I was getting quotes that there was little difference in price between 1, 2 and 5 million. Personally I can't see how I could cause £1 million of injury/damage even if I tried, let alone £5 million. Think I only took £2 million as it was only about £15 more but to be honest it is probably £15 wasted.
  19. cornburn

    cornburn Regular EF Member

    Local council here specify minimum 5 mil that's the only reason I have it. I'm sure 2 mil should do you fine :p
  20. smithy

    smithy EF Member

    Ah Yes! Remember one of my plumbing chums mentioning this before. Nice to know the council trust us tradesmen so much that neither 1 or 2 million cover gives them enough piece of mind!
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