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  1. mickfred

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    I know it's late and the lap dances are still open , so i will wait till tomorrow for any replies . Does anyone have resistance per meter tables for steel armour 90degree thermosetting ,can't find it anywhere . Ta
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  3. Wilko

    Wilko Gorillas are Great Electrician's Arms

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    Wilko Electrics
    Early to bed, early to rise makes Sparky healthy, wealthy and wise ... Why did I not listen to my Mum?

    Anyway, I don't have one but here's my suggestion ... using the table below first column for Steel mm2 divided by the resistivity of st/cu taken as 8.5 (from GN8 p60) should give the Cu mm2 equivalent. Don't use the table Cu values in the table (it's for CPC and uses k not resistivity). Then convert that to Cu mm2 to resistance using 18.1mOhms/m at 20degC for 1mm2 (OSG Table I1 page 190). But it is early. Hope that helps :)

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  4. Pete999

    Pete999 Trusted Advisor

    Is this what you are after? good job some of us "Old scho;; brigade" are on the ball cheeky b-----
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  5. Richard Burns

    Richard Burns Trusted Advisor

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    Richard Burns
    The attached file is the Draka data for XPLE SWA it gives the armour resistance in ohms per km which is the same as mohms per m. the * is for circular rather than shaped conductors.

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  6. Wilko

    Wilko Gorillas are Great Electrician's Arms

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    Wilko Electrics
    That's the one.
    For 10mm* 2core, the Table had max 6 Ohm per km, and my longhand gave 5.92 Ohm. I'm happy it was even close :)
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