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  1. Matthew terry

    Matthew terry Active EF Member

    evening all!!

    I have been offered a job as a smart meter installer with SSE (swansea) starting in April.

    How long are you roughly out of the house each day or is there a set amount of meters to change? And is there anyway to earn more as in overtime on weekends? Or are you expected to work weekends which is covered in your salary?

    Heard a few horror story's but nobody will leave a good review if they are happy in their job so you only ever hear of bad ones! just trying to find out as much as I can before I sign the contract!

    Any feedback would be much appreciated,


  2. Taylortwocities

    Taylortwocities Electrician's Arms

    Surely these are all questions for SSE!
    DPG likes this.
  3. Matthew terry

    Matthew terry Active EF Member

    I last spoke to them before Christmas and they are ringing me Friday, they are the one selling me the job I'm simply asking for reviews off people who actually work in this job role.
  4. dmxtothemax

    dmxtothemax Regular EF Member

    There is great resistance to the instalation of smart meters here in Australia,
    Many home owners completely refuse to allow them.
    I don,t know if it's different in the UK !
    But I would not want to do it no matter how good the money.
    Whats the publics opinion on smart meters in the UK ?
  5. Murdoch

    Murdoch Electrician's Arms

    The only thing smart about then is they do away with meter readers.

    Nothing else is smart. I refused to have one
  6. soms

    soms Trainee Access

  7. 7029 dave

    7029 dave Trusted Advisor

    Yes I still work for SSE, however am not on the smart team still doing heritage metering, they won't release me.(Not happy) So can't comment.
  8. Matthew terry

    Matthew terry Active EF Member


    So I take it you are interested in the job?

    You aware of any members on here in this job role?
  9. 7029 dave

    7029 dave Trusted Advisor

    No afraid not.
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