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  1. jquadri

    jquadri EF Member

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    Quadri Consulting ltd
    For a 240 AC volt house, sometimes the light goes off, to prevent my
    modern TV (54Watt), DVD player, Playstation, Xbox from damage.

    Can you please recommend a good UPS. Is it just a case of adding the wattage of each device together.

    I have 5 rooms each room contains an air-condition, TV, games etc and each also has an air-condition.

    Is there such a thing as central as central UPS instead of purchasing 5 UPS for each room, is there another solution to prevent my devices from damage after outage. We have at least 5 outages a day.
  2. LeeH

    LeeH Insert witty monkey comment here. Electrician's Arms

    Go on the APC site and use the selector tool. Alternatively give your regional office a call, they are very helpful.
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  3. Pete999

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    What sort of house do you have? you would be well advised to take Lee's advice and contact a reliable company who provide back up power APC being one of them.
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