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Discuss What routing techniques do CCTV installation professionals use that DIY doesn't generally? in the Security Alarms, Door Entry and CCTV (Public) area at

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  1. jason2000

    jason2000 EF Member

    The more I think about doing a DIY CCTV installation, the more I'm coming to the conclusion that I'd be far better off getting it done professionally: they have years of experience, will consider routing cables impracticable by DIY enthusiasts, and will have the necessary expensive equipment to help in the process.

    But I could be wrong, and in fact most CCTV installation professionals will take the easy route, ending up doing a job that I could have done in the first place.

    Will most CCTV installation professionals consider routing cable inside wall cavities routine, for example?

    Will they try to avoid routing cable on wall surfaces if possible?

    How nice looking is the average professional installation compared to what a DIY enthusiast could have done?


  2. Pete999

    Pete999 Trusted Advisor

    I like the 1/2" round over bit when I do any routingo_O:rolleyes::oops::eek::D
  3. Specialist

    Specialist Electrician's Arms

    South Wales
    Hi Jason: It really depends on the installer, some will go out of their way to hide cables while others will just go with the easiest route from points A to B. If your going the professional route for the install, make sure your there when they come to Survey / price (If they say they can give you a price over the phone without a survey, walk away) the job & make a point of asking about hiding the cables & make sure to get several prices & don't just pick the cheapest. Try to find a small to medium size local company with a good reputation, one that will send a Tech to price the job & not just a salesman.
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  4. Murdoch

    Murdoch Electrician's Arms

    You don't run cables up the cavity wall if its the outside wall

    It all depends on the property... the construction and the budget...
  5. UNG

    UNG Trusted Advisor

    Nr Wigan, Lancs
    A lot depends on where you are trying locate the cameras and DVR and where your router is located after that it is down how the property is constructed and what floor coverings you have laminate flooring and tiled bathroom floors kills any chance of routing cables under floor boards
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  6. Des 56

    Des 56 Trusted Advisor

    Gliese 581C
    The routing of cables is 100% experience driven
    Either you get the experience working with someone who has done it many times or you do what is acceptable to yourself and just do the best you can
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  7. davesparks

    davesparks Trusted Advisor

    A good electrician is probably your best bet for installing cables neatly. I would guess that most professional cctv installers would be more familiar with commercial premises than domestic.

    Where and how cables are routed will also depend on what you specify at the quotation stage.
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  8. UNG

    UNG Trusted Advisor

    Nr Wigan, Lancs
    Sums it up very well
    I always find the customers choice of kit is generally a good indication of the available budget and helps to decide the point at which you walk away because they want too much for nothing
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