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  1. Ronnieg

    Ronnieg New EF Member

    Hi i am 20 years old currently studying electronic/electrical engineering at college and will finish the course in june, i am applying for different electrician apprenticeships but there are not many on offer, none of the apprenticeships list my course as an advantage and i know the work i cover in college is different from the work i will do as a spark as i worked as a sparks mate for 3 months. So what i am asking is will the course i am doing just now give me an advantage when applying for an apprenticeship? and if i dont secure an apprenticeship this year i will start a HNC in electrical engineering will this give me an advantage when applying for apprenticeships? thanks
  2. HandySparks

    HandySparks Trusted Advisor

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    Neish Electrical Services
    You don't say what qualification your current course leads to.
  3. Ronnieg

    Ronnieg New EF Member


    It leads to an NC in both electrical and electronic engineering the units that i study are:

    Engineering: Applying Information Technology
    Electrical Principles
    Electrical Testing and Measurement
    Fundamental Electrical Systems
    Mathematics: Technician 1
    Mathematics: Technician 2
    Single and Three Phase Induction Motors
    Earthing and Earth Fault Current Protection
    Electrical Plant Maintenance
    Earthing and Earth Fault Current Protection
    Applications of Programmable Logic Controllers
    Electrical Wiring Skills
    Engineering Project
    Fundamental Electronics
    Transformation and Rectification
    Rotating Electrical Machines
    Combinational Logic
    Sequential Logic
    Network analysis
  4. Jay Sparks

    Jay Sparks Trusted Advisor

    Although a company may take you on with this qual, you may still have to pay for the apprenticeship, depending on your age when you start it. There is no APL unfortunately.

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