UK Tiling Forum opens its doors again after being closed while I was in hospital

That’s one of the main problems when it comes to running a UK Tiling Forum from the UK. We have to deal with the National Health Service (NHS) a terrible health scheme that is terrible for our country but that’s for another thread.

I fell ill and had covid a few times from Jan 2020 to maybe Summertime 2022 and ended up in hospital I could feel it tight on my chest. Needed operate to remove some bullae (latin for bubble). That was assumed to have gone well but in Summertime 2023 it was a shock to find out it never really went. So had festered for a year in there. Ended up needing drains for weeks, antibiotics for weeks, and then surgery once infection had died, so they could remove the mass. Something they should have done the year prior.

So I wasn’t a happy bunny, and @Lou kept the important forums going. But now I’m back out I’ve been blogging like crazy!

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