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Our Electrical Advice Forum has grown to over 1.5 million posts since 2006 when it was first launched. Just some of the reasons we\'re the largest source of electrical advice...

Find Electricians Jobs and
Electricians Mate Jobs for Free

Electricians jobs, and electricians mate jobs, are posted to the forum quite often. You can even post your own request for work in your local area if you're looking for work. We also have training mentors on the forum if you need help with training to get a job. Just ask in the forum we have some great help ready.

Electrician Jobs

All Levels of Competence
are Accepted and Supported

No matter what level you're at, trying to find an electricians college, trying to update your qualifications, current trading electrician or electricians mate, or even retired electrician, you're all welcome and we have loads in your shoes on board already.

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Electrical Suppliers
Database and Comparison Site for Tools

We're elite in electricians advice, but we have new ventures when it comes to sister-websites. We're launching an electrical suppliers database, and then a comparison section for all common tools. So electricians find the cheapest price on the tool or tester they're looking for.

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Electricians Advantages for Being with Electricians Forums

There are many advantages electricians can find when being part of the forum and community. It\'s not just all about the electrical advice. Oh no. It\'s much more than that.

Business Growth

Learn tips and tricks as a new electrical business, or even as an established one. Whether website and SEO advice, social media advice, or offline marketing (some still does exist). And much more.

Electricians and Mate Jobs

Whether you're an electrician, or an electricians mate, there is quite a lot of work posted to the forum these days. We have some established electricians agencies that partner with us.

Unlock Avenues and Build Bridges

We have suppliers, training centres, electrical wholesalers, direct manufacturers who sell to the trade, all right on the forum. As well as our fellow members who have their current relationships to share.

Work out Your Next Steps

You're fine staying as you are if all is going well with your business. But it might be worth always having your next steps near you should a current contract suddenly end or something during this crazy pandemic we're all facing.

Chat with a Coffee Every Morning

Every morning we have a thread where people can come say hi, chat about what they have on this day/week, and share their problems and successes with each other.

Retired Electricians Wanted

Some of our best members are the electricians who are near the end of their business working life. But want to still keep a hand in the industry. We have some great guys and gals on the forum who fit into this area and really help out on the forum.

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Get involved with the greatest electricians community online and gain benefits you didn\'t even know existed. Electrical Advice from 45,000 Members

Electricians Blog - Blogging about Electricals and Electricians

Our Electricians Blog is one of our newer areas on the forum. We have been blogging for years on and off but now we have a standalone domain for it, so we will be increasing our blog posts drastically over the coming months.

ElectriciansForums.co.uk Updated October 2020

I’ve updated the .co.uk domain to include its own blog, tell us what you think about it.

Nothing too fancy. It’s using a free template via WordPress. It has its own stats now and some handy basic blog posts so far but I have plans for it to be much much more than what it is right now.

Some other website we’re working on will be announced and launched soon too. I think those will come in handy.

ElectriciansForums.co.uk was the domain we used from 2006 to 2019. So it’s important to me. I couldn’t just not use it. So here it is. Have a click around, make sure you visit the fancy homepage. I don’t think it looks too bad myself. 🙂

Talk Electrician Forum

Talk Electrician Forum is one of three forums we have. We started in 2006 on ElectriciansForums.co.uk and soon after another forum popped up ripping off our domain, theirs was ElectricianForum.co.uk, which they then changed to Talk.ElectricianForum.co.uk and called it TEF to dodge takedown notices from us.

It’s still far too close of a domain name for my liking so we will get round to issuing complaints to Nominet and get our case in front of a panel who if they see our side, should hand over their domain name.

The best thing they could do to save their content is shift their domain using 301 redirect, as we have done to our .net, and all went fine we didn’t lose any search traffic or SERPs.

Talk Electrician Forum | Tef – https://talk.electricianforum.co.uk

Food for thought guys.

Talk Electrician Forum https://talk.electricianforum.co.uk

I’ve bought TalkElectricianForum.co.uk and will rank this above there one in time. Might even make it an active actual forum because their Invision Power Board is terrible forum software and the SEO sucks with it. We’ll nail it with either WordPress or XenForo.com

I’ve worked on forums for years, my first was KeepCruizin.com (the website) and KeepCruizin.net (the forum, back then using Invision Power Board) and had around 6,000 “Cruizers” (god that’s cringeworthy now). And that was in around 1997! Christ, showing my age now.

Always had at least 3 busy forums online. Either construction or automotive industry, so some VW forums and VW Amarok International forum – closed those down a few years ago when I sold my Amarok and didn’t have the time to keep posting about meets I wasn’t going to etc.

So our electrical forum that got ripped off really did my head in.

I would offer my services for free to the owners of TEF. Get your forum transferred to a .com perhaps, could get your Google ads you got banned from using then for cheating them. You’d actually earn more money, have more members, and wouldn’t be pissing me off by using a domain so close to mine. I can’t change mine because I have several other matching forum domains.

So you’ve got to else I’m going to have to spend a lot of time and effort screwing with your site SERPs and even considered DDOSing it to death every week as I’m not sure you’d be able to afford to pay for the kind of hosting you’d need to keep it online then that’s for sure.

So perhaps working with me to change your name would be wise sometime during 2021.

https://talkelectricianforum.co.uk – Our bomb site.

Please please get in touch so we can work this out the nice way where we both win. Else I’m going to have to spend a lot of time and money knocking your site offline, google bombing it, and then arguing my case with nominet, and if you don’t turn up to fight your corner you’ll lose your domain. So that’s a lot of time and effort and money for you too by not changing your domain. But more money and Google Adsense back if you work with me.

Contact me below if you’re interested. 🙂

Welcome to Electricians Forums, again? But this time the .co.uk, again?

Okay, so we’ve had some confusing changes over the years. Usually just smilies on the forum changing. Or the automatic post merging system that wound up a few dozen big burly blokes and some even burlier women also.

Our domain used to sit on this .co.uk here that this blog is being posted on. But we switched it around a year ago to our .net domain name that we hadn’t ever used for anything.

That domain name change was to help us catch more members from over the pond. And of course the ones (literally) the other side of the World from us here in the UK – The Aussies!

It’s slowly working I think. Our traffic is now only around 80% UK. The rest from all over the world.

That’s over 1 million sessions from the UK, and many many more from all the other countries combined. With around 83,000 from the USA in the same period.

I would have thought Ireland would have been second to the UK with it being so close!

Anyway, I’ll report back with some more information once I’ve knocked up the other couple of .uk forum domains with similar basic content on, at least for the time being.