Commercial Electrical Advice

Commercial Electrical Advice

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  • Hi guys does anybody please have a template risk assessment for the omission of RCD protection? Or does anyone know where I may locate one? Many thanks in advance.
  • Hello, Looking for some advice following a botched 3 phase upgrade today. Some background: Commercial unit originally fitted out (4 years ago) with single phase main supply feeding into 3 phase DB. 2nd DB run off breaker to service single phase requirements (small kitchenette, lighting, sockets, shutter door motor) Electrician has… Read more
  • Hi there.We have a Hotpoint electric oven that has started to go wrong.It has a digital display for setting functions,but over the last few months,when we turn the oven on,normally the fan comes on quite strong ,the digital display shows red bars as the heat builds to it required temp.What is happening now is that […]
  • Hi all, Just a quick one regarding the need for RCD protection for socket outlets rated up to and including 32A. I have been tasked to install temporary power in the form of a single 16A commando socket outlet for the purpose of feeding a boiler to maintain heating in a building owned by the […]
  • Hi there, I should start off by saying I'm in the deep here. I've never done this before and have very little knowledge, so I'm asking here if what I've learned makes any sense and what would be your advice for handling a setup this big ? I'm building a massive light installation with a […]
  • I’ve never used a PLC before but have found myself looking at a job which is going to put me onto that particular learning curve. This is for lighting control, nothing to do with machinery or similar applications. I’ve done a bit of research comparing features, price, availability, reviews etc and come to the conclusion […]
  • Hi, I have a client with a small caravan site, approx 5 hookups. His old toilet block was nothing much more than an old shed. He's now 'upgraded' to using an old walk-in freezer, no wheels, but was just lifted onto blocks from a trailer. He has kitted it out with 4 toilets and one […]
  • Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could advise me on the WT Henley Series 8 house service cutout. I have one of these installed at my house and it has 3 live fuses. I am looking to turn my house into 3 separate flats all with their own electric meter. My current WT Henley […]
  • Has anyone used the Schnider power tags? i have a cunstomer that wants to meter all there A/C units so need to fit metering to a few mcb's/rcbo's in severl diffrent boards in diffrent locations then link back to the existing Trend BMS. they look ideal as they are all schnider/merlin gerin boards but its […]
  • Evening, I've been asked to install a supply to a sprinkler system in a new installation that must be separate to the building electrical services. I.e if you isolate the building to work on the electrical services then the supply to the sprinkler pumps must remain live. The only way I can see of doing […]
  • Hi all, got a community center job and the want surge protection, 3ohase in phase for community center and phase for the flat upstairs, question is, do fit surge at the incomming covering both installs or fotfor community center and inenfornflne for the flat ?
  • Hi, I am looking for a connection diagram or sugestions for a 2.2Kw single phase motor to drive a compressor. The spec plate shows that it can be run at 220-240 v / 460-480v 50Hz. (unusual for 50Hz) At 220-240 volts FLc is 16A plus startup inrush. so I should like to run it at […]
  • Looking to use this brooks Compton motor as a replacement in an electric cement mixer. can anyone tell me if it is designed to operate off a domestic single phase 240v supply? It looks to me as though it could run off either a single or threes phase supply but I’d be grateful to hear […]
  • Hi all, thanks again for any input. I have been asked to look at this starter as motor starts ok, but when switches over to run motor stops and starter just hums. First of all like I’ve said in previous posts I haven’t had a lot of experience with motors/ starters etc Am I right […]
  • HI, Just about to post and I noticed a similar thread, anyway here goes. Not worked on motors or controls for some time so after some advice. A friend of mine has just got his hands on a 3Ph Startrite 352 Bandsaw, yes; you're right only a single Phase supply available. At the moment it […]
  • Hello All So I'm not long out of my college days and unfortunately I didn't have a lot of exposure to three phase and commercial wiring systems. I have a three phase switch fuse Isolator rated at 200Amp supplied by the landlord. I need to split this across two Proteus distribution boards, the main switches […]
  • When working in a control panel. If I needed to replace a 3 phase contactor do I need to carry out a 10point check to prove dead on just the mains isolator. Or do I need to 10point check the mains isolator and then another 10point check on the contactor before removing. Many thanks
  • Hi Guys, We have a CNC router which uses single phase for the spindle, stepper motors and control box. This is all wired in and working correctly. However, the CNC also features a vacuum bed, powered by a seperate 3 phase motor. We have no 3 phase in our shop, the motor is labeled as […]
  • So I have 2 pumps, when i turn a selector on i want to start the first pump. Once the selector was turned off and on again, I want to start the second pump. And any time i repeat it i have to turn on the other pump which was not running on the previous […]
  • Absolutely losing my brain here guys What I would like to be able to do is power our 3 phase motor on a single phase supply. Thought I had it all figured out, motor is dual voltage, on 230v its pulls 30amps 8.6kW rating. Nice cheap option was a dps (compared to getting 3 phase […]

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