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  • Hello, I am trying to understand the wiring done for an already working setup in my home by an electrician: a dual light switch (Legrand branded, if it matters) with only 2 wires connected to the switch. It really puzzles me how the switch can control two separate light fixtures, since there should have been 3 wires instead of just 2 connected… Read more
  • I have an armoured cable which is connected in my house to a normal socket via an rcd plug, 1.5mm flex and a junction box, the armoured cable sheath is earthed in the junction box by connecting the metal gland to the flex earth. At the other I have bought a waterproof socket (using it in my shed, just bought it as it takes the armoured cable… Read more
  • These are discontinued. Any ideas where I can source ?
  • Hello, I live in Mauritius (mostly British standard) and I am trying to understand what the electrician did at my home and i think he misunderstood what i wanted him to do. I just need some advice to better comprehend the situation and what i should ask the electrician to do next time to fix it. So, i need to have ground in the house to… Read more
  • I have three 6" LED wafers and a ceiling fan on the same circuit/switch. I wanted to control them separately, so I installed GOVEE smart lights ((H601A) figuring I could leave the switch turned on and control the lights from my phone and the fan with a remote control. The fan line comes off the middle LED. If the fan is on everything works… Read more
  • My father (now 80 years of age) has renovated a house. The electrician has rewired it, the building regs people have inspected it and gave the go ahead to plasterboard and finish it. At this point the electrician disappeared, we have asked in the village, one said he passed away in covid, now my father has a house but no signed off electrics. I… Read more
  • Sorry new here, just had an electrician pop round to quote for work, domestic home electrics, uk, worcestershire, when he saw that my downstairs lighting was wired in a ring (ie consumer unit has 2 lives to the RCBO, away and return – sorry not sure on the best terminology) he was unhappy as he would have expected it to be a spur, should i be… Read more
  • Just looking for pointers, looking to do the donkey work before getting an electrician in to do the final bits. Purchased a container block that came with a 63amp board inside, on the outside is a 100amp feed. What wire do I need to get this connected up? I've read that 16mm2 3 core armoured swa cable should produce about 99amps if above… Read more
  • Hi guys. Any advice greatly appreciated, please. I have a 1970 Bernina sewing machine. It works a treat, but has just popped loudly and emitted a puff of smoke. I gather that the motor suppressor/capacitor gives up the ghost on these old machines as a regular thing. Sadly, Bernina don’t make the part any longer. Opinion seems to be… Read more
  • Hello! I've been trying to replace the dimmer to my living room. I installed a LED lamp and it's not compatible with the old one. However, my new dimmer symbols doesn't match the old one. I've tried a bunch of combinations without success. I have changed dimmers in 3 other places without issue, but the main difference in this one is the 2… Read more
  • I had PV installed yesterday and saw some red flags regarding what looks to me like future leaks. I would appreciate some professional comments as the installer and the contractors said that it looks fine and installed to panels over this. I have no experience but think that surely the thin plastic flashing should go over a tile and not be… Read more
  • Hi all, I have a couple of questions I'm hoping you can help with. I have put a solar panel on my kids play house which charges a 12v battery. I have so far wired 3 lights and everything works great. I wanted to add an LED strip light in the understanding that they only require 12v. I bought this from screwfix… Read more
  • Hi all. In our lounge we have a 3 gang light switch. One switch switches the ceiling light, 2nd switch switches a pair of wall lights, and the 3rd one switches a picture light mounted above the fireplace. Ironically, I may need to remove the picture light to make way for a large picture. So my question is how should that be done safely and… Read more
  • DIY Hi to you all and thank you for allowing me to post on your forum and for taking the time to look. I haven’t been able to find the answer anywhere. Hopefully the pictures will help they are in order and show my old lamp that I like to use to read and sew by when the light is poor. I would be interested to know if changing the halogen bulbs… Read more
  • Hi, the two halogen bulbs in my cooker hood only stay on for a second, they dont blow but keeps repeating this every time I turn them on.
  • I have just obtained a double float switch , with a HH54P Relay 14 pin, 24V DC , can anyone give me a wiring diagram ? TIA
  • Hi everyone, I'm seeking some advice on how to wire a relay to my Hive Thermostat for controlling my underfloor electric heating. I have some basic knowledge but I’m not an electrician, so I’m finding it a bit confusing and would really appreciate some guidance. Here’s my setup:​ Power Supply: Separate channel of Three-core… Read more
  • Hello I'm a DIY'er seeking advice and clarity. I currently have no grounding system on my house. I do not have an outside main shutoff. My service meter is bolted to the outside of my basement then the service entry cable runs into my basement to my main panel. The panel is a square d homeline plug on neutral. It has a busbar on each side with… Read more
  • Hi, I previously read this but can’t find it. I have drilled some holes but haven’t found it yet. Before I instal the wires I thought I’d check nothing had changed but did not bookmark it. I’m installing 4 solar panels (max 18V DC or 21.6V DC open circuit) in parallel to a solar panel controller and a pair of 12V batteries in parallel. I’m… Read more
  • I just installed can lights in the ceiling, replacing a hanging light. That leaves me with a live 4" round box in the ceiling. Code won't allow me to conceal it or mud over it. The ceiling is drywall with hand-troweled ripples. What can I do to cover this live box that will look nearly invisible yet still stay within code? For example, do… Read more

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