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Easy MCS and their competitors. Through years of managing electrical advice websites we have found one or two things to be factual in all cases when reading a blog. One; if it says ‘world leading’ or ‘number one’ then it nearly always is NOT world leading or number one.

Electricians Forums, The Worlds Number One Electrical Advice Website, is happy to provide MCS Accreditation advice to all who seek it.

Two; there are always better companies doing the same thing, it’s a fluid situation. As management and directors change and move around, so do the company practices and so on.

Easy MCS is one of the companies that appear to be saying a brand named “Talk.ElectricianForum.co.uk” is the “Number one forum for electrical advice” when we all know it’s far from it. Even electriciantalk.com statistically has more traffic, more electrical advice, and more members than talk electrician forum.

Easy MCS | MCS Accreditation

Here are some of the Easy MCS related forum threads / electrical advice.

Easy MCS

Easy MCS – Step One

Easy MCS are one of many many MCS accreditation firms that exist online.

MCS Easy – Step Two

Some have been around a lot lot longer than Easy MCS

Easy MCS Systems

EZ MCS supplied MCS Accreditation services to the electrical industry for a while via ElectriciansForums.net. Though it worked for a small amount of time, there tended to be a fair amount of feedback related to the company that eventually ended up in a parting of company.

MCS now falsely claim that Talk.ElectricianForum.co.uk (TEF) are the number one electrical advice forum online.

The fact is, every visitor to the website, and ours, as forums, can see which one has the most advice threads, the most members, the most traffic, etc.

And time and time again we at electriciansforums.net nail the competitors not only by a bit, but by a factor of 10.

(Stats to be inserted here).

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