Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric Underfloor Heating

Welcome to the Electric Underfloor Heating Installation Advice by Electricians Forums. This is where you’ll find advice that is specific to installing electric underfloor heating. Both electrically, and physically laying down the electric underfloor heating cables. We also run Tilers Forums where we discuss not only underfloor heating installation advice, but also how to then cover it with a self levelling compound which you can then tile over.

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  • In Figure 1, the wiring diagram shows that the cables of the thermostat should be connected from the top, but in actual wiring (Figure 2), they are connected from the bottom. What I mean is that there are two rows of terminals (one at the top and one at the bottom), and the terminals at […]
  • Hi everone can anyone advise me on two things I'm having underfloor heating fitted and want to run it on my economy 7 Has anyone managed to do this and how could you control the input? What sort of electric metre could be used? Bearing I. Mind it turns off during the day so won't […]
  • Hi all, I've noticed that my UFH pump is not always turning on as soon as the stat & valve calls for heat. This results in hot water passing through the underfloor pipes but without being pumped, which means it takes forever for the room to heat. From testing with a multimeter I see that […]
  • Hi all, taken on a new build project and they have quite a large property with three separate manifolds. I have wired before with one manifold but getting slightly confused. Do I need to take a fused spur to each individual manifold to power the pump or can this be done via the three cores […]
  • Hello Guys, I was wondering if any of you nice chaps could lend me some advice. So I have an open vented heating system with a 3 port valve (Y-Plan) and had a new heatmiser underfloor heating system installed with wireless thermostats. I keep having issues with the synchronous motor that operates the 3 port […]
  • I have electric underfloor heating. The thermostat lights on but there's no heat felt via the floor. The termostat is a Time Guard UFPT7. What troubleshooting would you recommend to find the root cause? The system is nearly 10 years old. TIA x
  • Hi. I'm installing a wet underfloor heating system in my own house. What would you recommend as the best smart control system? I can hardwire each zone with a thermostat Cheers Spynage
  • What’s the best setup for a system that has a heating system with existing radiators but a wet underfloor heating system is being added to a new extension. I will need a 3 channel programmer I assume? The plumber mentioned having it on all the time but just working on/off the independent stat in extension. […]
  • Calculate the temperature rise in a system consisting of six conductors carrying 1500 amperes each at 132kV, insulated with XLPE, and spanning a cable length of 9 meters. The system is enclosed within a chamber with the following dimensions: length 10 meters, width 10 meters, depth 3000mm. The ambient temperature is 30 degrees Celsius… Read […]
  • m having a bit of an issue that is proving difficult to resolve. For 2 years I have been having no problems with my setup. I have a 3 zone house. 1 radiator “zone” and two underfloor heating zones. Each zone has a neo V2 thermostat. Last couple of weeks when my kitchen zone heated […]
  • Hello All, I have Adept TW02W wifi Thermostat – does anyone know how to reset it?
  • I have a loose wire underfloor heating system I am installing for a client ideally they would like the UFH to continue into the down stairs loo which is off the hallway down 2 steps. It's all going to be tiled and theres no bullnose on the steps. Anyone ever come across this scenario, did […]
  • I have a customer that has 3 heating mats under the tile. This was installed a while back and a relay was used. I measured a 21 amp draw for all 3 mats. I installed a new thermostat that is wifi enabled and it worked well for a while. However I am now throwing a […]
  • Hi guys/gals, Had a message from an old customer from my old firm whos having problems with their stat. They have 3 electric ufh using the same model and 2 work fine, but this one doesn't. She said my old boss has been back, replaced unit and still not working. Unit only shows room temp. […]
  • Hi, I'm getting renovations done to my home, including an existing extension which already has wet underfloor heating. We are moving a kitchen to this area from another room and plan an island with induction hob. We've just been told that it wont be possible to fit a hob on the island without losing the […]
  • Hi, I'm looking for some help with an UFH thermostat that I can't find the model of. All I can see is that it's made by Rehau. Installed roughly 2008-09. I'm trying to set the schedule on the device but the symbols aren't obvious what they are trying to communicate so I want to find […]
  • Hi. I have very old underfloor heating with thermostats. I'd like to replace the thermostats with timer/thermostats if possible. The current (very old) ones have 2 red cables, 2 black and an earth. One of the red cables is live all the time, the other live when the thermostat kicks in. It appears to be […]
  • I recently wired a heating system with a UFH8 manifold and an unvented cylinder…. easy. Well it threw up a few problems. Initially I had the time clock live feeding the UFH16, ugh zone valve connected to the valve connection and fired the boiler with the volt free on the pcb LS and LR. Circ […]
  • Hi. I’ve recently had installed a manifold (including zone valve and pump) for the newly installed Wet UFH in my extension. The system is split into three zones 1) Hot Water 2) Extension UFH 3) The rest of the house which is the original central heating system. All work fine when switched on individually and […]
  • Morning all, I'm about to embark on some home renovation and the kitchen is the first target. We are looking at making it bigger, all in the room would be 32m2. I have read that electric underfloor heating systems are better and more efficient for smaller rooms, but that they can take a while to […]

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