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  • Got a 5 ring ceramic hob, all ring power on and can select heat setting on them but only 2 heat up? On the flex there's 4 cores I've connected brown, blue and earth but have left black could that be anything to do with it? On a 32A Rcbo as required and fed by […]
  • Help please, we've had a brand new Bosch washing machine delivered twice now and both times it's tripping the circuit as soon as it starts the cycle (not when it's initially turned on). The old machine never had a similar problem. We've tried other appliances in the socket and it works. Using and extension, we […]
  • Air fryer plug is getting hot when used..tried 3 other sockets and all the same.! Could it be a dodgy plug? Plugs moulded on. Cable coming out the plug gets hot too but only about an inch. Could it be too much power on the ring mains that does all the downstairs sockets We tried […]
  • Hi. I have been having a problem with my AEG 7000 Series Washer Dryer (L7WEG851R) tripping my main fuse box over the last week. I am trying to diagnose what the issue may be. Here is what has happened so far. The machine is three years old, so it is now out of warranty. Last […]
  • The oven locked itself and the door so I had to turn off the power and can now open it again. Only thing is the oven is no longer heating up at all. I’m seeing an “F53 error” code is flashing up with a symbol of a key. I have looked at the troubleshooting section […]
  • I have a Bosch DKE995EGB cooker hood that has stopped working completely – no lights or fan. I've confirmed power to the control module and checked the motor. Any pointers/ideas – or url's to other appropriate forums?
  • 18 months ago I bought American style fridge freezer (this model). I have a two year warranty. I have already had two call outs to replace a faulty/sticking door. It has now begun an intermittent, but increasingly frequent, whirring round which stops when you open the door. Hisense's advice is to "manually defrost the appliance […]
  • Hi All, Thank you for your previous advice – it resulted in us replacing our precious Smeg range with a Hotpoint; however we now have a new issue that I was hoping you might be able to advise on: The oven works nicely and the heat seems good etc. But it makes a pulsing noise […]
  • Can someone provide information on where to find an interpretation of the letters/numbers associated with Neff Appliance Model Numbers?…my interest is Neff Electric Ovens…thank you.
  • Intermittent fault with a Hotpoint oven .Sometimes comes up to temperature,more often now,it doesn't.Other functions work fine,grill etc.Any thoughts?
  • The drum is hanging down. I googled the problem and its seemed that the bearing needed to be replacement. However, I am unable to find this part. Is this because its called something else in this model?
  • Hello, I bought an air conditioner 24000 btu Inverter. The indoor unit makes strange noises/sounds at night. The pattern is as follows: First, wind blowing and cooling are reduced to 80%. (Similar to fan mode) Then the sound (sound in the video) comes a few times and then everything returns to normal. Wind blowing and […]
  • Hello. I will be buying new apartment to live. But electrical plugs are older. Not the newest. And my question. It will be fine to plug pc in this new apartment with older electrical plugs i think it is aluminium,right? PC WILL BE: Rtx 4090,14900K,1600W PSU But of course in future i will call electrician […]
  • Can I run a 7.3Kw induction hob off of 2 x 16 amp circuits single phase I'm not sure what size cable is installed, I will check. Would I be be able to run with the 2 x 16amp breakers or should I install a single 32 amp breaker with separate RCD? Thanks in anticipation.
  • Good morning all, I have a 2500W Vax pressure washer, almost 3 years old, but only light summer use, could be described 'as new'. Pressure washing the decking the other day, Mrs wanted to cut the hedge so I let her use the long decent quality outdoor extension, I used a short indoor extension instead, […]
  • I am having a debate with my son-in-law. He has got a Samsung dv80ta020ae heat pump tumble dryer, I am using a 300w de-humidifier for drying clothes. He says his Samsung is cheaper to run. Im not so sure, is anyone capable to explain if he is correct. Hope I have got the correct forum! […]
  • Hi, my CDA FWC303 wine fridge is knackered. The compressor doesn't start and I've traced it to the PTC which I plan to replace and have identified the required spare part. However, the thermal overload protector has a continuity reading of 3.2 ohms between terminals which although still pretty low isn't below 1 ohm as […]
  • Hi, We’re having problems with our Bosch serie 6 washer/dryer. It’s about 6 years old. The model number is WVG30461GB/03. It has begun to stop mid cycle and what sounds like the dryer starts up. This goes on for some time and then everything stops and it is just frozen. It doesn’t seem to matter […]
  • No information from Ninja customer service. All they want is to sell a new one with discount and scrap my machine which is barely 2 years old.
  • Hi,… Is the N50 Series of Neff ovens a replacement for the Series 3? and secondly where can I find information on the meaning of the alpha numerics that make up the serial numbers for the various Neff models?

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