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Electrical Engineering Chat

Welcome to the Electrical Engineering Chat by Electricians Forums. This is where you’ll find advice that is specific to the UK power grid, plugs, regulations, the works.

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  • Can 2.4 GHz coaxial tapered guides be made that collapse sort of telescopically without issues at the joint please ?. Thank you.
  • I am a retired electrician and I've been out of the game for a while. My son asked me a question the other day and I wasn't too sure how to answer it so thought you lot might. He wants to use rails to supply 5 modules, each module will have 40 small actuators that […]
  • I have been asked/invited to "post more", lol, so let me make another post right away. I thought of sth worthy to post, of interest to many, I hope I found sth on the quick… The photo is just to illustrate the switch I'll be talking about. What's visible, I did long ago, serves me […]
  • Hello Ive been working for over 20years, done design course and fully qualified. Looking into the professional registration with the Engtech from the IET, just wondering if anyone else has done it and what opportunities it resulted in? I'm currently a QS for a small firm and heavily involved in design and quoting for them. […]
  • Hello! I have a diesel fire pump and jockey pump. The Article 695 by NEC is only for ELECTRIC Motor Fire Pumps? For diesel drive, the control panel must be connected like 695 article indicate? Or i can to connect the fire control panel with another load?
  • Hi , Does anyone know an UK manufacturer that has 600*300*300 PVC or PP manholes? Thanks in advantage.
  • Hello, I need to conduct interviews with experts in the relevant field for my university project. The topic and product that I’m developing a business plan for is a device that charges household appliances wirelessly – a Wireless Multi-Device Charging product. Could you provide me with your expertise in this field by answering a few […]
  • Hi everyone I work as an electrician in industrial facilities, and I have been studying mechanical engineering for a long time, but I would like to learn electrical engineering. Can someone give me advice on the best path to take? Thank you
  • Hi Guys I recently started the HNC in electrical and electronic engineering in online learning through teeside university. Im hoping someone on this is in the same boat as me. First assignment ENS-1-TMA already has me struggling as it is not electrically based. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gonna be a long 18months or […]
  • Hi guys, I have a ceiling exhaust fan that i want to know if I can have an electrician put something inline to increase the speed as I feel its not quite doing the extraction job sufficiently. Product here: DETA 250mm Side Duct Exhaust Fan | Deta Electrical – https://detaelectrical.com.au/product/deta-250mm-side-duct-exhaust-fan/ When… Read more
  • Took me nearly 2 months to fill a vacancy for a multiskilled engineer, engineer starting beginning March, but now have to start again advertising as had to let some one else go due to low attendance.
  • I am just curious, can Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) be used to power high-powered appliances such as washing machines, dryers, etc.? If not, I would appreciate it if you could explain why is that.
  • Good Morning Does anyone know a webpage or site where I can consult the electricity BS? Currently I am able to access the NFPA standards but sometimes I have problems with Insurance companies so it would be great to have a direct access. Many thanks in advance
  • Hi, I have a project I have been working on, that has me out of my depth with regard to my knowledge, as I am a very basic electronic hobbies. It comprises of a 24V D.C electric motor, 200W, 3,000 rpm, 13A. which has a pulley, a belt from this attaches to a pulley on […]
  • Hello How to protect in rush current by ntc in smps
  • How true is the effectiveness of this type of air terminals for protection systems against atmospheric discharges compared to those of the Franklin type? Thank{s!
  • A cable specification is like below. -below- LBR: Pull
  • Good Afternoon everyone Do you know any UK based company which sells straight connections between Medium voltage transformers ( 3500 and 630 kvas) for 240 mm2 cable with a normal voltage of 24 KV (Um). If so , please PM me Many thanks in advantage. Regards
  • There are electrical engineers who just mutter the slogan "Safety is the top priority," and simply convey old and inaccurate Cable Tray Weight information to the Architectural/Structural design department without trying to calculate the Cable Weight on the Cable Schedule. As the result, some structures are over-designed, and others are… Read more
  • I have some solar panels producing up to 10 KW and I wish to switch a 13 amp socket on when solar is being generated and off when solar stops and sockets return to mains. Any idea of a switch that will do this?

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