Electrical Wiring, Theories and Regulations

Electrical Wiring, Theories and Regulations

Welcome to the Electrical Wiring, Theories and Regulations by Electricians Forums. This is where you’ll find advice that is specific to the UK power grid, plugs, regulations, the works.

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  • Hi, I'm about to reroute cables and sockets/switches from the ceiling down to the socket height after insulating a wall. I understand this will derate the cable, so what it the best way to do this please? EDIT: Should be in DIY Camerart
  • Hi, I am currently reading through the standard IEC 61439-1 – Low-voltage swtichgear and controlgear assemblies – Part 1: General rules, and on Table 14 it is stated the "Relationship between prospective fault current and diameter of copper wire" (see picture attached). I don't understand why the references of the copper wire… Read more
  • So I’m doing my level 3 design project at the moment, and I’m on the question where you do all the calculations on each circuit, I’ve taken the max earth impedance from the regs, but it’s asking me for the earth fault loop impedance of the circuit. I think it’s asking me to calculate it, […]
  • Hi, need more advise as getting two different views from electricians. Ty Detached double garage 10m from house, split equally into garden room and garage on 32a supply from cu in house. Looking to convert into 30m2 granny annex with small kitchen (induction hob, single oven), shower room, heating, sockets, lighting etc. No gas so […]
  • Hi guys, I have a client who wants to install meters on every power circuit in order to monitor energy consumption etc. Just wondering if there is a specific method to wire up such a configuration on ring mains? As far as I can tell, I'd need to come out of the RCBO to the […]
  • Can someone explain electrically why we can spur unfused from a ring final on a 32a breaker when the cable is 2.5mm rated at max 27a?
  • Given the RCD pictured below With the manufacturers instructions here: Am i right in interpreting that as well as being able to bring the incoming feeds into the bottom, i can also switch the LIVE and Neutral sides over, so that this arrangement would be possible? Forigve the crudity of the drawing … Read more
  • Hi brains trust, I am aware of typical wiring and legalities hence the questions. Looking for a wiring diagram to allow me to use a dual switch (OEM style for Y62) which features a single input feeding two independently switched outputs for my spotties and drl’s. I want the DRL’s separate to park and high […]
  • Should a steel shed built adjacent to agricultural buildings be considered in an agricultural environment, in terms of cable choice etc.? The shed will solely be for automotive repair activities. Or is there a specific distance as to how close to an agricultural building the same regulations applies? Thank you
  • I cant seem to find a definate answer to what type would a 60947-2 MCCB be when generally a 60898 mcb is b,c or d. I have the manufactures data for max zs values on the mccbs, but I need to know the type to complete a schedule of circuit details. Cheers
  • Is it ok to hot glue cable or flex?
  • View attachment EarthSure – No More Sleeving 👀.mp4 Edit by Admin: just testing something. I added that video directly to the post by clicking the three dots and finding the insert a video button. Ideally, we need pinch them and host them ourselves. They can report the video/post.
  • Hi guys, Had an issue at a recent survey where doing a quick check and found we had pme with a reading of 0.44 ohms. Called the network and they said they would send a guy around who promptly turned up and checked. However his tester was giving a reading of 0.30! I checked again […]
  • Any can help where I’ve gone wrong?8
  • Can a domestic consumer unit feed another consumer unit, via the Main Switch. Details are: domestic property with 100A single phase supply, TN-C-S incoming supply to Main Switch on DBU1 Output from the DBU1 Main Switch, also outputs two two wires, that connect to the input of another consumer unit DBU2, which is right next […]
  • Hello, at the moment I have following shutter blinds: They are connected in a following way: Does anyone has any experience connecting it to something like this: I would like to connect it in such a way that I will be able to keep original switch if possible and in general I am not… Read […]
  • Hi, thanks for reading this. Ive been asked to look at a job where the DNO connection (single phase 80A TT) is a long run to the final circuits. Small feeder box has been installed and the volt drop dictates 95mm cables are needed to take to another feederbox where the feeds into the building […]
  • Good Evening All, I hope this is the correct forum, please do move if I have my neutral in the live / wires crossed. Thank you for your help with my HMO query. In return, you may be interested in the draft of The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020 […]
  • Hi guys, need a bit of advice, EICR was completed on the property which needed a new consumer unit and a few other bits like broken sockets and damage pendants. What’s the best way to address this with a certificate? Is it an eic stating the consumer unit has been changed and other work carried […]
  • Hi I've got an new outbuilding that needs power run out to it, the building is very close to the house and the original plan was to run an armoured down the wall, in a 600mm deep trench and then up the wall of the outbuilding. I've marked the originally intended route on the image […]

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