Electrician Courses and Training

Electrician Courses and Training

Welcome to the Electrical Courses and Training Forums by Electricians Forums. For anybody who is already on a training course or is about to go on an electrician course – we have a private training forum where mentors help students out with their upskilling etc. We don’t provide any answers, trainees need to do some mock tests and discuss what was wrong on it etc

It really helps, we’ve had lots of people thank us over the years for this area of our forum.

  • At the end of electrical level 2 exam do you have to screw on all the switches and plugs or leave it open so your wiring shows ? same with the switches and celling rose
  • I’m doing my level 2 electrical practical exam in 2 days time I’m confident with everything apart from the testing. Could someone tell me all the tests I gotta do ? I posted the sheet
  • Good day I’m doing an electrical course online with RIC ( routes into construction) I just want a little insight information about them whether they are legit or not. There’s some red flags such as; no reviews about them, their social media either has 20 following or they have one at all. If you had […]
  • Just some advice really guys, doing my 2365 hotel plan , just some advice on whether I'm on the right path or completely going south
  • Hi all, I am working on my revision for the 2396 exam and wanted to see if someone brainier than me could advise, when completing the thermal constraints equation t=(k²*s²)/I² on a ring circuit do you input the ring for s² as (2*2.5)². Example1 : Fault current 211A t= (115² * 2.5²)/ 211² Example 2 […]
  • Hi guys new to the forum, as the title suggests I've been on the NVQ for almost 1 year, and experiencing some difficulty gathering evidence. I'm looking for some advice from those who have been through the NVQ process, I may be overthinking it all to some extent. To start with, my background is in […]
  • if my goal is to do design can i just do the course and miss out the nvq3 or is that needed?
  • Can i complete my NVQ3 portfolio doing electrical maintenance?
  • Hi, I'm an electrical engineering graduate, many years ago, but have no electrician qualifications. I've spent the day trying to understand how qualifications work for electricians and nothing I studied at four years of university was this complicated. I'm looking to install PV, domestic battery and grid tied inverter on my own home, and I'd… […]
  • I’m prepared for the hate on this one but anyone that’s done the level 3 2365design project hotel, swimming pool cafe want to send me theirs for £50? I’ve passed every exam practicals and theory first time and put a lot into the course. I’ve started this but have big personal/family issues at the worst […]
  • Hi guys, I have my am2 resit this week, I just done the pre assessment day and I was told that the sy cable needs to have a lock nut either side of the gland. So two lock nuts on each side. So one to lock down the two washers and then one to lock […]
  • Guidance please – C&G L3 electrical installation – Hotel extension project Hi folks, I am fairly new to this forum but it looks like the community are quite responsive. We have been handed a project to complete in our own time. as it’s evening college i have limited access to resources and guidance from my […]
  • Afternoon you lovely people My apprentice is doing his C&G NVQ Level 3 and he needs evidence of 1st & 2nd fixing control equipment/panels. His assessor takes an age to reply so I thought I'd ask here. Does anyone know how this is defined In relation to the NVQ. Ie, would an UFH manifold control […]
  • Stoke-on-Trent College provide Electrical and Electrician courses for school leavers and mature students with both full and part time tiling courses available to enrol on to. The cost of these courses can vary and it is important to enrol onto the one that matches your experience so you learn at a level that is best […]
  • Looking for people who have been on electricians courses with Learn Trade Skills Reply to this thread with feedback please. Course details.. Skip to content Menu Thank You for…​ Read more
  • Hi I'm again struggling with a long overdue 2396 project but, as before, am at a standstill when it comes to the lighting design. Please could someone point me in the right direction? I don't know how many luminaires there should be. The scenario is a fire station appliance bay built for two fire engines. […]
  • I asked my boss for an inspection and testing course and have recieved the go ahead, the only downside is that the only centre close to me for training offers the LCL qualification which is supposedly equivalent. Has anybody else done this one and is it as accepted? Thanks
  • Hi All, I am looking to start installing commercial fire alarms, I want to be able to design, install and commission. I am a member of NICEIC so have looked at their 4 day course, however they only do the course in the mid/south of England. Can anyone recommend a course in Scotland or if […]
  • Hi guys, I am currently trying to complete my portfolio with EAL from option skills. Currently working on site, I am on my third unit and is wondering if anyone is on the same boat as me? It would be great if there could be someone else out there who is in a similar boat […]

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