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Electrician Tools – Products

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  • https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/40487049…d1EW0f1BbhDJy2wwdLzHiLK5NGbTp+hi926P+PIz4D… Read more
  • Just got these new drivers, the tips are slimmed down to fit RCBO's and solar switchgear but their still size 2 so dont snap blades a pozi and a philips version. CK calling them the modfathers
  • Good evening all. I have a couple of learners with hypermobility issues – which causes their hands to be sore after a day in the workshop. Has anyone any recommendation for tool suppliers that could assist? I have tried them with CK product – I was thinking of trying them with johari or knipex. Any […]
  • I’m looking to buy a gas soldering iron for work as a kit. Would anyone possibly have any suggestions?
  • Hoping someone can help please. Back in the day, this unit was available all over the place: – Spectra Wirefree PIR & Receiver Kit – Black | Honeywell_Friedland (L420NBLK) Very handy for areas when getting cable put in was a git. Does anyone know of a suitable alternative please? The PIRS are IP65, and only […]
  • Any suggestions for a replacement membrane for my KT65 dl, MFT? Kewtech themselves are ridiculous.
  • Hi guys & gals, I gave in and bought the new Megger MFT-X1. Got my hands on it Friday night, had a little play with it, used it at work on Monday and wrapped it back up on Monday evening, ready to send back… I've been using my megger 1720 for about 7 or 8 […]
  • So my dewalts diamond falling apart, literally the fronts falling off, and I can't get the chuck off to see whats going on. Annoying as it's only about 3 years old. These days tools don't seem worth/designed for putting in for repair as the costs Vs new don't stack. Normally I'd just chuck $$$ at […]
  • Fluke Tool Bucket. Do we have any Fluke fans on here? Has anyone used: Fluke TB25 Tool Bucket Organizer Bag – carrying case – The Calibration Centre The Fluke TB25 Tool Bucket Organizer Bag is designed to safely carry and protect most Fluke test tools and accessories needed during any job. The TB25 combines the […]
  • Hello, Suppose we have a building that is 30 years old. It is being overhauled. Do the copper wires need to be replaced? Do electrical wires have a useful life? Thank you
  • This is a hardware shop in Market Harborough called Frank Gilberts run by Frank himself since who knows when. It is rammed floor to ceiling with all manner of things and somewhere in front of the chap being served is the wonderful Frank at his counter peephole surrounded by stock. He must be in his […]
  • Thinking of getting a Runpotec XB300 cable dispenser, as my yellow framed tripod thing is unsatisfactory for all the usual reasons. You can screw in a "Runpostick" (Runpotec's version of super rods) to extend the stubby little mandrel so you can put several drums on (e.g. singles for conduit), I don't suppose anyone who has […]
  • Well i brought a set because i needed this MOD1 &2 (wouldnt mind but the shops didnt even know what i was talking about) S1&PH !! well ANYway i paid OVER the odds at £45 (only £33 online) the Handle is a bit too SMOOTH for me no real grip on on it PZ1 & […]
  • Hello, So I purchased a Novopal 2000w/4000w(Peak) Pure Sine Wave Inverter DC 12V to 110V/120V. I purchased this so I can hook it up directly to my truck's 12 volt battery and have it positioned in the flatbed of my truck.. The goal is to have it power my microwave in my flatbed at drop […]
  • While I have more testers of various ages that I know what to do with, I don't have anything that does a 2 wire no-trip loop test. Normally this doesn't bother me as in the past I've observed such tests are unreliable and rarely repeatable. The other day I had a commercial testing job with […]
  • This Fluke Scopemeter 196C has sat in a barn for 20 years and I would like to get it working, the battery leaked and I replaced it and charged it. The screen keeps flashing and beeping after 1 click upon hitting the power button. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • I am considering a leakage clamp meter for use at my house. I am connected to the grid and have a separate solar setup. I live in Thailand where electrical installations aren't perfect. I have the feeling that one of the issues is leakage. So to further analyse I am considering a leakage clamp meter. […]
  • Hello, has anyone bought or used the viperclip gun , it was the one on dragons den a few years back. If so what are your thoughts. Thanks
  • having decided to retrain mid life to another trade and become an electrician, the training i find is rahter slow due to all theory/written (so far) being online, so having no experience people to discuss thing in person as and when, i have my first question, (for a coursework) when slecting a multimeter to buy, […]
  • Don't worry I haven't gone (completely) mad. About a year ago a ride-on-lawnmower became over-friendly with my long RE test leads while I was drinking tea inside. I needed some replacements for a job next week so I was about to shell out nearly £100 for a new set, and then a thought crossed my […]

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