ElectriciansForums.co.uk Updated October 2020

ElectriciansForums.co.uk Updated October 2020

I’ve updated the .co.uk domain to include its own blog, tell us what you think about it.

Nothing too fancy. It’s using a free template via WordPress. It has its own stats now and some handy basic blog posts so far but I have plans for it to be much much more than what it is right now.

Some other website we’re working on will be announced and launched soon too. I think those will come in handy.

ElectriciansForums.co.uk was the domain we used from 2006 to 2019. So it’s important to me. I couldn’t just not use it. So here it is. Have a click around, make sure you visit the fancy homepage. I don’t think it looks too bad myself. 🙂


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