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  • So, my PS4 is gathering dust in the corner. What games should I buy? Not looking to spend a fortune. CHEERS!
  • Try playing PoE and Diablo immortal. Here are some tips for a successful start. To get started in Path of Exile (PoE): Spend time familiarizing yourself with the game: Check out the guides, video tutorials, or go through the tutorial mode to familiarize yourself with the basic mechanics and systems of the game. Pay attention […]
  • Not used this part of the forum much. My girls have got for Christmas, or the middle ones birthday in January, every Just Dance game since they came out. We used to get them on the Wii, then the Xbox one. This year however, it’s only available on Xbox series X or series S, not […]
  • Hey guys! I really like the game "The Last of Us". Do you know something similar and similar in theme? I will be grateful for feedback.
  • Well i dont know about your views but i cannot wait for the release of the new game out november 3rd. It looks like they are going back to proper old school war games with no silly space walking or wall jumping like the other previous versions of COD. Anyone remember the original COD and […]
  • Somehow from the recesses of my mind I remembered a level from a FPS perspective that was an almost entirely dark cave with a light source at the middle. To get through this level you had to avoid being struck by the light source as it would slowly burn your character to death. It was […]
  • Just wondering what games you have. I did have around 180 for the xbox 360. But have about 20 for the xbox one. I'll list them a bit later. I just thought I'd create a thread for now.
  • With a lot of supposed backlash which I feel is somewhat a deliberate rating bashing by gaming critics, what do you think of it? I actually overall enjoyed it and my only critique is the cutscenes are too many and too long and the fact you cannot skip them even after completing the game.
  • Been having a reshuffle of our media devices. Xbox and old Wii have been relegated to the spare room. so comes the problem. Xbox One worked fine yesterday, although a little slow, but new batteries in the controller seemed to help. Updated a few games… took forever. Just tried it tonight, green loading screen, “hello” […]
  • I finally got one been trying since the launch, it is loading up as week speak, I may be missing online for the next 12months
  • Does anyone play World of Warships on PS4? I played for a long time on PC but it looks like they have it now for PS4. Can you transition your profile from PC to the console version?
  • I know nothing about consoles or games so was just looking for some advice. The grandson has recently received a PS4 for his birthday. It is all set up and working ok using the TV, but I was wondering if it was possible to hook it up to a laptop and use that screen instead? […]
  • Our family isn’t big on gaming. We’ve got an old Wii and an Xbox one…. along with a couple of old Nintendo DSs. For our daughters, we always bought them the Just Dance games for Xmas… have them all up to 2020 on Wii Not this year. 2021 is not going to be available for […]
  • Just wondered if any of you gamers' have got your hands on the new Xbox or PS5 yet? if so, what they like?
  • Personally my thoughts :- Looks amazing. Instant game switching no delay is a godsend after yrs of PS4ing Some of the games look amazing and support for 4k is going to blow visual quality through the roof. In reflection I may look at a new 4K TV but need to keep an eye on my […]
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Anybody playing it? @Lou appears to have missed this bit of her teens and got into Infinite Warfare, then Black Ops 4, and now had a few goes of Modern Warfare. I used to play Command and Conquer on PC. Then Counter-Strike 1.4 on Valve (was it?) then Steam. […]
  • Has anyone had the opportunity to view x-rated content on a headset, PS4 now has compatibility with its Littlstar media app' and you can sideload off a USB stick, the big —- industry leaders are using extremely high quality equipment to give a shockingly realistic experience My immediate opinion is that it is extremely realistic […]
  • Telltale Games – https://www.————/telltalegames/photos/a.402424398596/10155893969763597/?type=3
  • Evening all, I have built a 2 DOF VR Roller Coaster simulator. I am now adding additional realism, specifically wind. This is the specification of the inline air pump that I am going to use, Inline Blower | 270 CFM 4″ In-Line Bilge Blower Fan – Model SFIB1-270-02… Read more
  • Anybody play this or anything similar? I play lots of sim games ETS2, ATS, Farming Dynasty and just recently got Pure farming but not able to play it yet due to lack of support for my Logitech G27 wheel

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