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  • I've recently watched Dave at EEVBlog changing the batteries in a $4500 Chord Hugo DAC and it got me thinking about my audio equipment. I was thinking of first upgrading my power leads. I was looking at one of these Nordost Odin 2 I would need a 2.5m lead which at £32,375 seems quite a […]
  • Got this advertised locally, don’t know if it’s worth a punt.
  • Hello, I am posting to ask what is the best way to remove some Virgin cables that are clipped to the side of my bungalow, and the associated boxes. These have been there since I bought the bungalow but I don't use Virgin, I have no intention to and I now need it all removed […]
  • Hi guys, looking for advice as not done this before. I'm looking at wiring multiple devices ( sky/ VM box, PlayStation, dvd player) in a cupboard and want them on 3 tvs ( bedroom, lounge and dinning room) would a 4 in one out hdmi splitter work with a hdmi over cat 6 extenders with […]
  • Hi, ive got an old Samsung i think LCD tv, which ive connected my firestick to. It works ok once it decides to turn on, but to turn it i have to wait for 10 mins of the tv flicking on and off. I can turn it on without the firestick plugged in or if […]
  • Need some help with a Sony TC108 tapecorder.Need a schematic
  • I have just bought an Innuos music server not realising it has no built in Wi-fi capability, but needs an ethernet wired connection to the router. This could be done only by placing it in the cupboard where the router lives, whereas I wanted to place it alongside my Naim streamer upstairs. So the manufacturer […]
  • One of my Christmas prezzies was a set of Bose Soundlink headphones that can be used wired or wireless. I have paired them with my old Panasonic TV and they are working perfectly. I would like to use them with the TV in the bedroom which is a Samsung UE32T5300 and which doesn't have Bluetooth […]
  • Evening, I am trying to get a signal from my Sky Q Box in 1 corner of a room to a TV on the opposite wall. I have ran a CAT 6 cable between the points and terminated RJ45 ends on to each end. I have tested cable with LAN tester and proves fine. I […]
  • Hey guys, I need your help. I bought the following 4 speakers, amp and selector switch: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B010U5EGKE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_T9FODbSWNDB8J https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000A5S926?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share Amazon.com: Magnadyne C45-3800A: 3 Position Speaker Selector Switch for RV or Home : Electronics Buy Magnadyne C45-3800A: 3 Position Speaker Selector Switch for RV or Home: Selector Switch Boxes – Amazon.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible […]
  • is this the correct forum to ask questions about hooking up a amp to a radio? I have a car radio i took out of a wrecked car..and have installed it in a cabinet. now i have an amp i want to add to the mix. if this is the right forum i can provide […]
  • hello everyone i want to change my Xbox one adapter from 110V to 220V i watch video and there is 1 part needed part name is: HEL 14D 471K. so my question is: that module and (NU) 472M X1Y2 is same ? i mean can i use this instead of showed in video ? p.s. […]
  • Got myself a home theater kit the other day but my sub makes humming/buzzing noise when powered on. I guess it's the noise from AC network. So for testing I plug it in to the shaver socket as it's separated transformer and most of the noise is gone. So i need to connect it through […]
  • Hi is it possible to get a ceiling booster (wap) that will plug in and boost my own WiFi signal ( same address) as the one I’ve purchased has its own address and is difficult to set up ?
  • any one have any recommendations? Customer wants them installed in block of flats that I’m doing….I’ve tried persuading them it’s a bit of a waste of money considering what it’s going to cost over 15 flats by the time you include the price of the speaker, fire hood and labour it’s not going to be […]
  • Guys Just looking at recommendations for speaker cable (for my own house as the first fix is coming up) There seem to be a number of grades and prices! Thanks
  • Hi can anyone recommend a good brand at a reasonable price for an 8×8 HDbasT HDMI matrix also an online retailer that offers trade accounts
  • Anybody know where I can get one?
  • Does anybody deal with hdmi leads? Got a customers who wants to loose there through a wall so he can plug his tv in without seeing any leads. Of course its all decorated and only have a small hole to use, does anyone know how to cut off hdmi leads and redo them? Or buy […]
  • I'm looking for a top end but budget amp for my home cinema. it needs to have at least 3 HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI out puts with 2 sub woofer ports any suggestions

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