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  • I have just bought a Kia Xceed plug in hybrid.The battery charges at 3kw either using the 13amp plug or the Type 2(I think) cable. My question is the best outlet for charging the car? I am thinking of running a 6mm twin and earth directly back to the mains and fitting just a 13amp […]
  • Is it possible, if and why not iff so, To fit an EV motor and controller directly to the stator output of a 125cc motorcycle engine, (pre regulator) Using a fixed throttle set up to increase revs to the required output and to bring it down to the engines normal idle revs for when stationary […]
  • Hi, got asked a bit of an odd ball request at work, one boss has one of them Mitsubishi PHEV things. And the charger is knackered. I had a look at the charger and it had melted the relay inside which was easily replaced, looked to of been caused by a high resistant joint. Now […]
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