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  • I posted in the wrong place!
  • Having done the numbers I modified my 5 x 4ft double batens in the workshop to take LED tubes T8 22W. After less than a couple of years, 50% have failed. They flash annoyingly just like the old tubes and then give up altogether. Has anyone else had the same experience. One theory is they […]
  • Looking to track down garden spike lights for an electrician to install for my parents. Without getting into a debate about ELV install etc, does anyone know if any garden spike lights come with the ability to take a gland connection such that SWA could be connected directly to the light fitting? Just conscious that […]
  • Hi Good day I have a problem and hope someone can help me or point me in the right direction. I'm a guy who like DIY and bought 10 Led Strip Light the make is Bridgelux BXEB-L1190U-40E3000-C-C3 Is the part number It uses 38.2vdc per strip needs to be run @700ma. so the wattage comes […]
  • Hi there.I was about to change a ceiling light for my daughter flat,to a drop down so she can put a lampshade on.The fitting is quite old and the wiring I found can be seen in the photos.There are 3 reds twisted together,then 3 blacks,of which 2 are in 1 connection and the other in […]
  • Just seen this label on a consumer unit im testing. As far am im aware no one ever pressed the test button.
  • Hi all, how easy is it to be able to shorten the drop tube of a semi flush light fitting ? Essentially what tools would I need for cutting the threaded stem if I shorten the tube ? i.e. if the light hangs down too low and I want to raise it up closer to […]
  • I would like to consult with experienced electricians about the cooperation relationship between electricians and brands. For example, if I install a Zano brand dimmer, would I receive a commission from Zano? Or are there similar cooperation methods? Is this a topic that can be openly discussed?
  • Has anyone got a supplier for these? So far all I have seen are Integrated LED's which if one fails next week it would be rather an expensive excercise to replace the whole fitting. Thanks
  • Hi all, Disclaimer: I'm not an electrician and have very basic knowledge of electrical installation. We've been putting in a new kitchen into an apartment over the last couple of weeks and had a bit of a nightmare with the electrician. The firm is well rated and the guy we initially spoke to about the […]
  • I opened up a LED lamp that measured leaking AC voltage 70 Vac and sometimes after on is 78 Vac or so. The volt is stable AC and DC no reading. I have checked with LED lights ON, the leakage is not from the driver, connectors,…. I isolated all drivers, connectors,…. away from frame to […]
  • Hi all, I bought a house and went around replacing the mr16 halogen downlighters with LED lights. The lights are controlled by a Quinetic smart controller. Except in one room where there used to be 12 mr8 halogen downlighters. Now we did not replace those as the elctrician said the ceiling space was too low […]
  • Hi Folks, I'm looking for downlights that satisfy the following criteria: (1) white bezel; (2) fire-rated; (3) IP65 or above; (4) anti-glare; (5) GU10/MR16, not integrated LED. I've shortlisted the Integral Evofire Recessed (low-glare) and the JCC Fireguard Anti-Glare (IP65 variant). To me, the Integral one is slightly better at aesthetics… Read more
  • Morning Needing help regarding Ansell AARDRINA/DD1/SM3. I’ve installed 6 in one room, one being an emergency light fitting. All 5 standard fittings work fine. The green led flashes on the emergency fitting and when switched on the main light flashes on and off twice then stays off. Any advice welcome.
  • Does anyone know where you could purchase one of these from nowadays? Need to replace one but not had much luck finding anywhere that has them in stock anymore.
  • Hello, I am simply trying to replace an MR16 LED spotlight that has stopped working. However when I put the bulb in and turn on the light it simply flashes and turns off and won't turn on. Is anybody able to help me with why this might be happening? The old bulb has the following: […]
  • As the title says. But then I cut off a jst connection off one of the light strips and I can't get them to work together… the one strip is plug and play and I wanted to attach the next one to the strip at the end so they work on the same command. It's […]
  • My kitchen has track lighting. It consists of three halogen light bulbs. I've had the fixture for more than 25 years with no issues. Last night as I was standing in the kitchen all the lights went out. At first I thought it was a power failure in the neighborhood. But I quickly saw that […]
  • Hi all, need to replace these, anyone know how these come off please. Many thanks in advance.
  • Can i get alternativereplacement bulbs for serious reader floor lamp they are quoting £39 for a bulb is there an alternative bulb its 12v 6w M16 daylight

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