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A guide to Earth Electrodes & Testing 2016-08-23

Earth Electrodes & Testing helpful guide

  1. Sintra
    This appendix provides guidance and background information an earth electrode testing and some limited information on earth electrode design and improvement.
    It is not intended to cover the design of large complex earth systems, soil resistivity tests or test methods such as the clamp-voltage earth testers (e.g. the ‘attached rod’ and similar methods). More information on these subjects can be found in BS 7430 (for electrode design, earth design, soil resistivity testing) and various manufacturers for various testing instruments using clamps.
    This appendix has been based on information kindly provided by Megger.

Recent Reviews

  1. Prytaneion
    Version: 2016-08-23
    Very informative in an esy-to-grasp format.
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