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K and A Electrician

Discussion in 'Directory of Electricians in the UK' started by directories, Mar 5, 2018.

K and A Electrician
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20 Sutherland Street
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Leicester, Midlands
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  1. directories

    directories New EF Member

    Our team of professionals is available to carry out a variety of jobs to the highest possible standard, offering a service that you can rely on and trust. Boasting years of collected experience and expertise, we strive to be the best in the area in this field.

    Request a booking or contact us now - we will be happy to talk you through the variety of services available.
  2. Vortigern

    Vortigern Regular EF Member

    Business Name:
    F.H. Electrical
    Very innovative method of fitting ceiling roses on your web site I must say. Hard to see the connection with Thai massage though, but hey!
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  3. Sparkie30

    Sparkie30 Regular EF Member

    Fitting Ceiling Rose
    Service Details
    Thai yoga massage is an age-old practice based on ayurvedic principles and yoga. Originating in thai temples, it is a unique massage in that the practitioner guides you through a series of yoga positions while massaging energy points along the body. The results include rebalanced energy, improved circulation and a relief in muscular tension.

    School day every day.

    @Vortigern@Vortigern good shout
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  4. Matthewd29

    Matthewd29 Regular EF Member

    Had to see this for myself and it gave me a good laugh, what could anyone possibly be doing to misplace that there
  5. Wilko

    Wilko Electrician's Arms

    Business Name:
    Wilko Electrics
    Perhaps the application of "ayurvedic principles" can be more helpful than certain British Standards :rolleyes: .
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