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  • For a while now I wanted to be notified via my mobile phone that my Veritas 8 alarm panel had gone off and was sounding the alarm.I have been looking around for a device that would send a message via wifi to my phone for free and that the device itself was very cheap.I couldn't […]
  • One of my customers managed to fry the rj45 socket on a Lorex (cheap!) brand ip camera. No idea how, but the pins are cooked. He had purchased a new socket but needed someone else to repair. It’s an rj45 with a standard power jack on the side. Of course, the colours are all different.. […]
  • Hi all, Requesting your help please! I know this is an old system but has been working amazingly for 7 years! I had an engineer out who done a reset apparently however it hasn’t cured my fault! When the system is not activated the main control box beeps every 30 minutes or so three times, […]
  • Hi Guys, A guy at work is after a wireless camera system. 6 wireless cameras. No power leads to cameras. Battery powered. Records onto a hard drive. Also want to monitor the live feeds on a screen. There are quite a few when you do a search on Google but I was wondering if someone […]
  • My FIL wants a cctv system at his house, and normally i would just go with whatever kit was on offer at the time from t'internet. My own system is a mish mash of a cheap Sannce recorder, an old camera with infra red, another with a light that's on all night, and a hikvision […]
  • Daughter has bought a house and it has a home security system, G-Tag setup. Issue is the alarm panel displays are pixelated and you cant see anything on either display. The 0V was disconnected from both panels so it couldnt be set, Ive connected them in and I am able to set the alarm ok […]
  • I don't fit alarms as my main job but have fitted quite a few over the years whilst we were doing the electrics side of things. I usually fit the Texecom Premier 24 or Elite as I now think its called. The last one I did the householder wanted app control and I had to […]
  • Hi All. I have Honeywell Remote Servicing Suite V6, I can connect to the Galaxy Dimension 48 and panel I want to work with, but I can't do anything more as the panel has software V7.03 and the RSS software only supports up to V6.99 Is there an update for the software to allow it […]
  • Hi All, I have an elderly client who is moving into a new house and she wants "All want really is a security system where I can see whose around outside, nothing fancy and complicated", can be a combination of ired, solar or battery. In reality she will want remote access and storge, local or […]
  • Hi, I have a Pyronix Enforcer v9.13 panel. Recently, the panel has been making random alerts (when the system is unarmed) that the bell box battery is low. A few hours later in the logs, there is also a message stating that the 'wireless battery restore' – when no change has actually been made. If […]
  • Can someone please guide me on this? I have virtually no experience of home alarm systems. The client has an alarm which had been fitted to her flat a few years before she bought it. She wants it permanently disabled. She contacted the company who said the annual subscription had been cancelled a while back […]
  • Hi All, Might be a stupid question but I have about 30 of these smart+guard alarmed call point covers to deal with. All the batteries are dead and need changing. Only problem I'm encountering is that you have to unscrew it from the wall to put the new battery in and once the new battery […]
  • Hello How to connect cctv wireless
  • Hi All, I want to install two PoE cameras under the roof outside. But I don't know how to run a cable, drill through the wall or through the PVC window? I also thought about using a flat Cat5 cable and just run it through the window. What would you do? Best
  • hi guys. i recently bought a flat that is ex council, 6 flats in the block and has a very old looking door entry system called 'flatmate' thats all that is on the internal box inside, it has a open, talk, and a on/off button for privacy, It is a 6 wire system. green, blue, […]
  • Hi, I have a veritas R8 alarm and corresponding keypad. Recently a powercut caused one of my keypads to stop working. I replaced the battery in the main alarm unit and after a reset the keypad started working but everytime I try to set the full or part alarm, the keypad seems to go into […]
  • Hi everyone, first post here and in a bit of a pickle… Newly qualified out in the big bad world… I have a job 4 hours from the office so I really want to get this job done and dusted as a previous engineer attended and couldn't complete the job so pressure is on… On […]
  • So I'm wondering is there's a way to grab some low voltage power from the back of a light switch/ I have no other way of getting power to my Ring Door bell and I would like to not have to use batteries.
  • Hi, So I ended up with a Ring video wired doorbell instead of a Byron video wired doorbell as B&Q were out of stock (had ordered online) and they gave the Ring one at no extra cost (nice of them). Not what I was after but will have to make and do. I don't really […]
  • Our Northern California home built on 1977 has a built-in Gard-Site Smoke Detector model 081-612. It does not has battery. Its mounted on the ceiling. We assume its AC hardwired, correct? Its making false alarms. How do we remove it? Thank you very much for your help. It's made by CASADY ENGINEERING ASSOCIATES Torrance CA […]

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