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  • I hope to install an 8kw panel array. I have spoken to 2 installers who both seemed a bit cagey about maximum export on a G99 Fasttrack application. In short one says I am limited to 3.68kw (which I thought was automatic on a G98) the other said 7.68kw but was selling a 5kw inverter […]
  • We do a fair bit of work for insurance companies repairing/re-wiring flood and fire damaged properties. the one I looked at today has solar panels on the roof and an inverter in the loft, the house has had a fire. The panels and the sort that fasten directly to the roof laths with a flashing […]
  • Hi all In need of some advice to help understand little generation on PV system. The set up is: 5kw hybrid inverter 10kw batttery storage 2 x strings of 6 x JA solar 420w panels (2.52kw per string) Tigo optimisers for each panel I was producing 2.3kw around 9am (south facing) and this was producing […]
  • Here is my idea, I have a large detached garage with a pitched roof, looks like about 30degrees but haven't been out to measure. each side has a space roughly 3m x 11m I think I can mount 18 panels comfortably on each side. a standard pallet seems to come with 30 panels so i […]
  • I am living in the north of Thailand where the grid is very unreliable (rainy season outages multiple times per week or once a full week). I started with solar and grid 8 years ago. At that time it was integrated but with lead batteries at some point the batteries were bad and the grid […]
  • Good afternoon all I have the above inverter and it has over the past year given a number f F12 warnings and recently went off with an F12 fault. I was lead to believe by the original supplier it was an MPPT issue and when I asked about getting it fixed under warranty they wanted […]
  • Hi all, This may is a little odd and may take some getting your head around but here goes… I measured around half the load current on two DC strings , even though the AC and DC mains were isolated. There was a voltage difference between two strings . ( around 75vdc between String 6 […]
  • I have read all I can find about radio 4 and tele switching, but can't find if this changes when our clocks change. It all started when I decided to get a smart meter fitted, and once fitted may as well get duel rate and recharge my 3.2 kWh batteries over night as well as […]
  • I have a Epever Bluetooth Adapter connected to my solar controller. It powers up but refuses to connect to my Iphone 12 giving no indication of an attempted bind. Any suggestions on why not ?
  • Hi, had solariboost for around 4 years, noticed other day couldn't hear it so looked at panel and nothing, went to the sender unit and that's fine it's flashing evey 10 seconds as it should so what could the fault be? Any help or advice appreciated as don't want to get ripped off. Thanks
  • Last week I became aware of a new standard for the installation of EESS, (PV batteries). It can be downloaded for free from the BSI website. It mandates where batteries can and can not be installed. Recommended outdoors, but banning loft, or eaves installations, and places stringent measures on distances from doors and windows. The […]
  • I am a Napit registered electrician and want to get into Solar PV and battery storage. I have boot camp booked in April but am not hearing good reports of the outcome of this training. In the meantime I want to do as much research as possible so want to review the elements that go […]
  • Hi guys, I am new to the forum so be nice! I have this ABB (now Fimer)PVS-100TL 100kW inverter which cut off if there is too much solar incidence. I am sure there is no fault other than threshold setting on control board. Please help me find these instructions or a service manual. I'd rather […]
  • Hi. I'm not MCS registered but am looking into it from a Project Management perspective as opposed to an MCS installer. In a nutshell I'm trying to fully grasp the compliance aspects of MSC on medium to large projects where more than one discipline is involved. Let's say a big new football stadium is being […]
  • Recently I read a blog post that says according to the latest study, in the United States, The Solar Industry Sales For Commercial Applications Will Reach To 14GW By 2028, and I wonder whether this prediction could be trusted. And the second question is, is it too late for me to do something that is […]
  • Hi all, I hope you can help me please. I had solar system installed nearly 2 months ago and my installer turned out to be cowboy despite having all necessary certification, Which trusted trader, you name it… They were already back to take the panels off, repair the roof and install panels once again as […]
  • We've unearthed a few boxes of roof hooks, fixings and some limpits – we need to make some room in the warehouse and not planning on doing any installations in the near future so if anyone can make use of them then make me a (sensible) offer. Pick up in Sheffield or can arrange delivery […]
  • Hi there, anyone had any experience with the generation 3 inverter I'm having problems connecting to the hotspot feature. Thanks
  • Has anyone here any experience of connecting Pylontech or Soltaro batteries to a Livoltek inverter ? Can anyone read the individual cell voltages of Livoltek batteries, the official App does not show them, does anyone know of software/cable pinouts to do so regards Robert.

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