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  1. jackylad

    jackylad EF Member

    I've booked to do the 18th edition exam, i have to do the 3 day course as i never did the update, i'm sure i could have passed just doing the one day course or just the exam.

    Anyone done the 18th course/exam is the format of the 18th edition same as the 17th, 60 question, so many questions per part working from the front of the book to rear as this format layout shows for the 17th below.

  2. Vortigern

    Vortigern Regular EF Member

    Business Name:
    F.H. Electrical
    That is pretty much exactly the same as the exams in all cases to my memory. There is a nice little crib sheet around somewhere someone up loaded really handy I must say can't remember who it was but thanks to them anyway.

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  3. 45140

    45140 Regular EF Member

    The latest computer-based examination does move about a bit by subject and does not go through in an entirely methodical manner
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  4. ruston

    ruston Respected Member

    I think even the 17th did not stick to the plan , I remember being all over the book . We were warned by the tutor that it would probably be the case and not think that we would not have to go back to previous sections.
  5. TonyMitchell

    TonyMitchell Electrician's Arms

    Berkshire, UK
    Mine largely followed that running order, although there were a couple of questions that seemed to be out of part order. It doesn’t really matter though, but I do think on the print out you should be told what you got wrong, not just what section your wrong answer/s were in
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  6. FLICK

    FLICK Electrician's Arms

    You can do the exam only bud without wasting 3 days on the course. Exam format follows the book by section but once in a section they can come in any order.
  7. Zdb

    Zdb Regular EF Member

    As said it mostly follows the book but a few you will have to flick through where one section takes you to another and so on.

    I didn't want the 3 days off purely because I would have found it boring going over the same stuff. I did the exam only which was £95+VAT and got 90%.

    I would recommend using the online exam simulator found on sparky facts.

    Personally I think for people that have previously achieved BS7671 it should be a one day course that's specifically about the new updates and not going over all the old stuff.

    I'd say in my exam I had maybe 4 questions relative to the 18th (SPDs etc), the other 56 questions were the same as the 17th.
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  8. Jay89

    Jay89 Regular EF Member

    I think I had three questions at most on anything new. Had to take the three day course according to my scheme. Was a refreshing break from the tools and good to brush up on a few bits I hadn’t covered since college
  9. richy3333

    richy3333 Forum Mentor

    I just did a 1 day update and then the exam which started at 17.30! That was a killer. I sat the 17th in 2008 and the only updates I did with the amendments were the NICEIC roadshow updates.

    My exam roughly followed the book start to finish with a bit of flitting around. Of the 10 questions on special locations, 8 of mine were on bathrooms, 1 on confined spaces and 1 on pikey parks.

    Good luck.
  10. Fued

    Fued EF Member

    I’ve done mine recently and this is the lay out.
    Good luck.

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