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  1. Banjo

    Banjo Electrician's Arms

    Just passed my 2391-10 and was thinking about doing the design and verification course. I've spoken to my local college and they are running the last 2391-20 course, I just wanted to know some more information about the course. Especially about the exam and project that has to be done and is it worth doing or shall i just wait for the new qualification to come out!

    Cheers Stu
  2. Archy Styrigg

    Archy Styrigg Forum Mentor

    Go for it, NOW!

    I did it when it was 2400 and part of the exam was I&Ting, so do it while it's all fresh in your mind.
    The exam is open book and (I thought) not as hard as 2391.
    Interesting course, you'll learn loads.
    The project will probably be a full on reasonably large installation to design, your Tutor should give you any help you need.
  3. NMc

    NMc Electrician's Arms

  4. alanl

    alanl Electrician's Arms

  5. NMc

    NMc Electrician's Arms

    According to C&G the last registeration date for the 2391-20 is 31/7/12

    Quote - ''We have taken the decision to extend the current suite of 2391 (10 & 20) qualification until 31st July 2012. This is to ensure the replacements qualifications and assessments meet the highest standards. Subsequent exam dates post July 2012 for 2391 will be publishedsoon.

    Going on this info from C&G it may be possible to still sit the exam but I guess centres will put all new candidates like yourself onto the new 2396 ASAP
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