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  1. bigsparks

    bigsparks Active EF Member

    Hi All

    We are designing a G83 10kwp pv system to go on a 3 phase supply, using an SMA Tripower 10000TL. When calculating max AC amps will it be calculated at 10000 / 415v = 24/25 amps? We are looking to install one 4 pole AC isolator.

    Also what size tp mcb is is best to install.

  2. yellowvanman

    yellowvanman Electrician's Arms

    Thats not the way to calculate 3 phase currents. Assuming balanced

    Current = Power/3/voltage
    So in you case
    10000/3/230 = 14.5A

    Sanity check 3.68kW on 1 ph = 16A
    3 x 3.68kW = 11.04kw @ 16A /phase
  3. bigsparks

    bigsparks Active EF Member

    Cheers for the reply

    So a 16a tp mcb will be suitable on this install then?

    UK Power Networks are the DNO here and up until recently they had been advising 3.84kw @ 240v =16amp was ok, which after speaking to them a week ago appear to have moved in line with other DNO's and dropped to 3.68kw per phase.
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