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  1. chloebear

    chloebear Regular EF Member

    With reference to the main incoming supplies on mainly 3 phase and the requirement to fill in the Type of supply & the fuse rating for the supply, sometimes together with the Main switch details - I often have dificulty with these as the majority of times the supply cable and incoming fuses are hidden and security tagged by the DNO and often the main switch is not too easily identifiable.
    Do any of you have any good methods for determining this information, as trying to get hold of anyone from the network supply nowadays that knows anything about the sites is like trying to reach one of the clangers or the iron chicken!!!!!
  2. bryanh

    bryanh EF Member

    The far east
    Just put LIM or NK in anything you can't answer like the incoming fuse size etc, as for calling them to find out they wouldnt be able to tell you as it could be anything bewteen 60amp to 100amp only way to be sure is to break the seals and remove the fuse carrier (which you must not do lol )as for main switches its 60947-3 for a normal newish isolating switches the older ones before that I think were 5419
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