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Accounts Fee's

Discussion in 'Business Related' started by flip73, Mar 16, 2011.

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  1. flip73

    flip73 Active EF Member

    Just wondered what kind of fees people are getting charged by accountants for year end books, and companies house annual return. I ask this cause i think i'm being ripped off. I'm a small ltd company me on the books and using a few subbies i've just been charged £50 for the annual return and £1100 for the accounts. My wife works for the council and a project company they run has 7 employees, they got charged £600 for end of year books and £15 for the annual return. Just wondered have they got a deal or am i being ripped off.
    Thanks for any help
  2. roukel01

    roukel01 Electrician's Arms

    £700 for all VAT returns and year ends including any bits of info we might need through the year
  3. SirKit Breaker

    SirKit Breaker Guest

    I am not VAT registered, and a Sole Trader. I pay £335 all in with my accountant.

  4. flip73

    flip73 Active EF Member

    Vat returns, cis4 any of that is extra with mine! I'm getting the feeling I've been shafted the last couple of years
    Thanks for the replies
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2011
  5. sophiec

    sophiec Guest

    The actual cost to submit an annual return is £15 and it literally takes 2min, most accountants will charge an extra tenner for this. As for your year end accounts, it really does depend how much work is involved, if there sitting there writing up 100's of receipts then your gona get charged for this. Best thing is to ask for a spreadsheet and to write it up each week your self with numbered receipts... this will save a fair bit. Ive charged anything from £100 for a really small sole trader to £1000 for a fair sized limited company.
  6. Newsome3

    Newsome3 Electrician's Arms

    270 for mine on rothwell
  7. white armour

    white armour Guest

    One man band limited company, normally around £600 accountants fees. Do like to keep things nice and tidy, present everything ring bound with individual sleeves for weekly transactions. Hopefully this saves him a little time and me a little money.

    Regards wa
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