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Ace card

Discussion in 'Electrical Forum' started by flyingsausage, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. flyingsausage

    flyingsausage Electrician's Arms

    I have been offered the chance to do the ACE card at work.
    To be honest I know nothing about it,but am going to take it as it is free.
    The labourer I am working with says a lot of jobs now insist on it for a spark I have never seen any off these advertised.
    I am wanting to know if any of you other sparks out there have the ACE Card and what jobs advertise for it?
  2. Guest123

    Guest123 Guest

  3. Cliffyd

    Cliffyd New EF Member

    Some large companies are leaning to the Ace card because it proves competence. I would recommend you do it, you cant lose out if its free!
  4. VoltzElectrical

    VoltzElectrical Electrician's Arms

  5. VoltzElectrical

    VoltzElectrical Electrician's Arms

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