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  1. SRE

    SRE Trusted Advisor

    North West
  2. SibertSolar

    SibertSolar Solar Guru

    Business Name:
    Sibert Solar
    minor slap on the wrist....typical....
  3. Markc

    Markc Solar Guru

    Sorry to say but hardly worth the cost of the enquiry nor the paper it was written on!

    Total joke.
  4. whinmoor

    whinmoor Electrician's Arms

    Wakefield/Leeds, West Yorkshire
    Business Name:
    Medoria Solar
    This is just one case and the punishment is so lenient that it will hardly deter future exaggerations. Customers can so easily be duped by misleading promises from sweet-talking salesmen. Shame.
  5. TonyGreen

    TonyGreen Guest

    What! No fine!

    Just as well as they didn't say "zero carbon" like other companies that fell foul of the asa and were fined too.
  6. moggy1968

    moggy1968 Electrician's Arms

    To be honest this is hardly the most serious case I have seen. The industry has far bigger fish to fry than this.
    This is trying to fix your amputated leg with an elastoplast!!
    I reported a local company that was saying in their ads you would never have another electricity bill.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2012
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