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Discuss Advice needed on possible spares required in case of breakdown in the Electrical Appliances Forum area at

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  1. john9159

    john9159 EF Member

    I grow my own veg most of which I freeze. For storage I have three appliances, one recently bought Bosch fridge/freezer and two Hotpoint freezers which have been around for years.

    The Bosch KGN34NW3AG is still under warranty for another nine months and of the others, the Hotpoint FZ78 has been a good workhorse with no failure during the 20 years or so I’ve had it.

    The FZA81G, however, failed 10 months after it was bought new and repaired whilst I was away on holiday. All the contents were spoiled and thrown out. For this appliance the engineer replaced the control panel at the top, not sure though as I wasn’t there to see.

    As I have a lot of food in these, I am very worried at the prospect of failure and want to take precautionary measures if possible.

    My question is – are they any components which are likely to fail which I can buy and replace in the event of appliance failure.

    I am a former electrical and electronics engineer and have no problem carrying out repairs provided the parts are available.
  2. Pete999

    Pete999 Forum Mentor

    Business Name:
    How big are these freezers? are there any Smart Apps you could use to warn of breakdowns, mind you I know nothing about Apps, so I could be barking up the wrong tree
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  3. Spoon

    Spoon Forum Mentor

    As above, have you thought of using a temperature or current sensing devises, that can notify you of a malfunction on one of the freezers?
    How about not loading the freezers up fully, so if one breaks you can transfer the stuff into the other two, while the buggered one gets fixed?
    How big are these freezers?
    I don't have a clue as to what components are most likely to fail on a freezer.
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  4. Wilko

    Wilko Electrician's Arms

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    Wilko Electrics
    Hi - I reckon the best defence is to get an extra fridge and use N+1 redundancy. Only store enough food across the 4 fridges that would fit into 3 (in the event one fails). Then a temperature alarm in each fridge so you know to start shuffling :) .
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