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  1. sjm

    sjm Guest

    My customer has 2 static caravans. The supply comes from his house (TNCS) in SWA to a supply cupboard between the 2 caravans. Supply cupboard has RCD and MCB cu to supply the 2 caravans. My question is should I put my earth rod at the supply cupboard, provided that the SWA supplying the caravans meets the main earth CSA's required, or put an earth stake at each caravan?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. malcolmsanford

    malcolmsanford Electrician's Arms

    Even though these seem to be static I would still work to sectio 708 in the regs.

    Use your TNC-S to protect the sub main from the house. Then isolate it at the RCD/MCB enclosure. Then start you TT side

    Regulation 708.530.3 states that you can have no more than 4 sockets grouped in 1 location, so a singular rod for the 2 pitches is fine.
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    GLENNSPARK Electrician's Arms

    west yorks.
    i would rod it outside just at where you decide it should Malcolm has said........... outside the area where like it could start being disturbed though.... you can use rods near to the caravan/s n all.....maybe a bit pointless but i would be concerned that earthing arrangements may be disturbed/interrupted in which case you would be going against the concept of this in the first place arn`t you... that is to avoid floating neutral/s together with/earth/s (a TN-S system)............
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